Identification and referral to appropriate resources are an important part of the work we do. Below, you will find a list of resources at Brown that are intended to support your success both within and outside of the classroom.

For resources marked "confidential," please see the definition below.




Questions about...


Your academic progress and/or milestones?


Contact your Department/Division or Program, Director of Graduate Studies, Advisors or Chairs.


Your academic concerns, advocacy help or fellowships?


The Graduate School's Associate Dean of Academic Affairs is the primary contact, but you can begin the conversation with any dean at the Graduate School. The Academic Affairs Manager is an additional contact for you. See the Dean's & Staff page for contact details.


Your academic funding?


See the Graduate School's Financing & Support webpage, speak with a dean or the Office of Financial Aid. For questions about advanced funding in the humanities and social science, the Associate Dean of Student Development is the primary contact. 


Diversity and inclusion, campus climate, mentoring or avenues for recourse?


Contact the Associate Dean of Diversity Initiatives or the Vice President of Academic Development, Diversity and Inclusion.


Your professional development?


See the professional development webpage and contact the Associate Dean of Student Development. 


Additional resources:





Questions about...


Making an appointment or seeking confidential advice on mental health and physical health or wellness?


Health Services
Appointments: 401-863-3953 
Advice: 401-863-1330 (24/7)
Access to services included in health fee; Confidential resource


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 
Appointments Mon - Sat and 24/7 crisis phone: 401-863-3476
Access to services included in health fee; Saturday hours for graduate students; Confidential resource


Seeking confidential counsel or support?


Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life
Brown's multifaith team of professional chaplains care for community members of all spiritual identities and those who are not religious.
Appointments/daily drop-in hours: JWW 4th Floor
Phone: 401-863-2344  


Seeking confidential help for sexual violence or abuse?


SHARE Advocates
(Sexual Harassment & Assault Resources & Education)
[email protected]


Other Resources:
Sexual Assault Response line


Graduate School Deputy Title IX Coordinator


Health or wellness resources or a consultation?


B’ Well Health Promotion
Phone: 401-863-2794


Fitness and recreation?


Athletics and Physical Education
Phone: 401-863-5100



Questions about...


A personal, medical or family matter?


Talk with Deans in the Office of Student Support Services 
Student Support Services: 401-863-3145 or [email protected]


Make an appointment with the Graduate School Dean of Student Support: Discuss concerns and academic implications
[email protected]


For evening or weekend emergencies: call Public Safety (401-863-3322) and ask to speak to the Administrator on Call.


Issues arising from life at Brown?


Have an off-the-record conversations with the Ombuds Office.
Phone: 401-863-6145
Email: [email protected]
Watch a video introduction & learn more.


Disability services or support for medical conditions or temporary injuries?


Student and Employee Accessibility Services

Phone: 401-863-9588
Email: [email protected] 


Additional resources:


Confidential: “Confidential” means that the designated office or campus professionals can maintain the confidentiality of a complainant’s disclosures. They cannot reveal identifiable information shared by an individual to any other person without express permission of the individual, or as otherwise permitted or required by law.