About the LGBTQ Center


To be a Center for collective liberation by creating space for intersectional communities and critical discourse.


To provide educational and emotional support for, foster communities among, and advocate on behalf of Brown’s LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty. We aim to catalyze institutional and cultural changes that affirm and center the needs of LGBTQ+ communities, and promote an environment of radical inclusivity through an intersectional and social justice framework.

General Information

The LGBTQ Center, established at Brown in 2004, provides a comprehensive range of education/training, cultural, social and educational programming, support services and advocacy services to the entire Brown Community.  The Center works to create and maintain an open, safe, and inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students, faculty, and staff, their families and friends, and the campus community at large. 

We recognize that sexual orientation and gender identity and expression work through and are influenced by race, ethnicity, gender, culture, age, disability, class, faith and other social characteristics.  In keeping with the ideals of Brown University we commit to justice, equality, and respect for all persons in all of our endeavors.

The LGBTQ Center and the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender (SDC) both support students around issues of gender and sexuality. The Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, established at Brown in 1974, seeks to provide a comfortable yet challenging place for students, faculty, and staff to examine the multitude of issues around gender.  The Sarah Doyle Center offers programs and services for all members of the Brown community, and is a site for research into and exploration of gender issues that extend into and beyond the classroom.


We are a member of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals.


 Although trans students are still protected under Title IX and have a right to be treated according to their gender identity, including when it comes to restroom access, the LGBTQ Center and the SDWC feel that it is important to  affirm trans and gender non-conforming members of our community given the harmful precedent that the Trump Administration guidance rollback has set.

Below is a list of resources for support and as ways to get more involved in gender/sexuality activism locally and nationally:

Campus Resources

Rhode Island Resources & Organizations