Coming Out to Staff & Faculty

Brown University offers a two-tier name system that allows students to add their chosen name/lived name into our Banner system.  While that system has some limitations, it will show your lived name as the primary name on class lists and other systems that do not require your legal name.  To learn more about adding your lived name into the system and changing your email to your lived name please visit our Name & Email page.

The LGBTQ Center can provide a variety of support to students navigating issues and challenges in the classroom and across campus.  If you would like assistance speaking with a professor or a staff member about anything, including but not limited to sharing your name and pronouns with them, we are happy to provide guidance on how to navigate these discussions.  If you would like the LGBTQ Center to assist you in notifying your professor or a staff member of your name and/or pronouns we can reach out to them on your behalf through phone or email.   Whenever we are asked to speak to faculty/staff on your behalf we are careful to understand your specific needs and will only communicate information that you ask us to share.

If any problems arise in the classroom or within any department on campus that you would like assistance with please email the LGBTQ Center Director at [email protected] and/or the Assistant Director at [email protected] and we will work with you to address the issue.  If you feel that you may have experienced a Title IX violation as a result of gender-based violence and/or discrimination you may want to visit our Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Gender-Based discrimination page to see a list of additional resources.