Support Groups

Brown University Gender Identity Support Group

A Nonbinary, Genderqueer, Genderfluid, Gender Non-conforming, Trans Identifying and Gender Questioning Support Group.  This on-campus group for currently enrolled Brown students (undergraduate, graduate, & medical students) is designed to be a safe and confidential space to talk, explore, support, challenge, and just be present in your gender identity without having to explain, educate, or fear judgment.  The group is a place to express yourself at present and to engage with others in the spirit of openness, celebration, and connection.  The group is currently meeting year-round, including summer, every Thursday from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in the Sarah Doyle Center Lounge.  There may be some exceptions to this schedule during summer & winter breaks, as well as near holidays, so please check ahead (contact info below) if you're going to attend for the first time to make sure the group is scheduled to meet.  

The group is led by Caitlin O'Neill, PH.D. (they/she) and Jayden Thai, PH.D. (he/him).  For more information or to RSVP please email [email protected], or call (401) 863-3476. 

Borderlands - Community TGI Support Group:

Brown partners with the TGI Network of RI to provide this support and the group is facilitated by volunteer community members. For more information, email [email protected].

This group is open to trans, Two Spirit, genderqueer, intersex, and/or trans-questioning people- any of these identifications or experiences are welcome, regardless of whether you want to transition socially or medically or not at all! Are you considering gender transition or sex affirmation? Are you in the process of social or medical transition? Did you transition in the past and want a confidential place at Brown where you can be open about your history? Are you genderqueer and seeking a welcoming space to express your identity or feelings?  This group seeks to provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space to express, explore, exchange, and connect with other trans or GQ folk.
*To preserve the privacy of those who may be stealth, this group is not open to family or allies.*