Name, Email and ID Card Change

Legal Name Change

Students who change their name legally through the courts should bring their documentation to the Registrar's Office to have your name changed on campus. Once your name is changed in the Registrar's Office you can obtain a new Brown Card ID.  Please bring your state issued ID and/or paperwork from the Social Security Administration so we can change both your name and your gender marker if that is applicable.  At this time we only have the ability to include binary gender markers (male and female) in our system and this limitation is being explored.

Adding the Name You Go By

If you have not changed your name legally Brown can add the name you go by into our computer systems. On campus we refer to this as your "lived name." If you are a trans/non-binary student we can also change your email address and provide you with a Brown Card ID in your lived name.   Without a legal name change we are only able to add a new first name into the system.

For the purpose of legal documentation we need to keep your legal name in our system, but when we add your lived name it will show up in important locations so that you will be addressed by the proper name.  This system works well although you may run into occasional situations where you may have to clarify your name if you are speaking with an office that must use your legal name for any purpose (i.e. billing, insurance, health care, employment, etc.).  There are some limitations to this system due to regulations that are beyond our control but the system will provide your lived name wherever possible.  


If you would like to add your lived name into our system you can do this on your own through the Banner system.  Students who are trans, nonbinary, and those who need a name change to have their gender properly recognized also have access to change their email address and get an updated ID.  If you would like your email changed to reflect your lived name please make the request directly to Kelly Garrett in the LGBTQ Center ([email protected])  In your request please include the following information:

- Legal Name

- Name You Go By (Lived Name)

- Banner ID#

We will let you know we have received your request and the change will be made within a few days.  Once you get a confirmation that the change has been made you can go to the Brown Card office and request a new ID in your lived name. 


Please contact the LGBTQ Center Director via email (Kelly Garrett) or by phone at (401) 863-3062.