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Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Gender-Based Discrimination

For urgent care related to a sexual assault please call the Sexual Assault Response Line at (401) 863-6000.

There are a variety of resources available to anyone who has experienced harassment, gender-based violence or discrimination, and/or sexual assault.  It is important to understand the difference between resources that provide confidentiality and those that provide privacy.  Confidential resources listed below can provide 100% confidentiality in discussing your experiences and concerns.  The resources that maintain your privacy can provide a wide array of support but they also have what are called responsible employees who are responsible for reporting a potential Title IX violation to the Title IX office if it is disclosed to them.  The responsible employee will only disclose what is required of them by law and will not share your personal information with anyone who is not in the "need-to-know" category.  If you have questions about various types of resources available it is suggested that you start with a confidential resource.

If you believe you experienced gender-based violence or discrimination that could be a violation of Title IX you can get additional information through the Title IX Office.  The Title IX Office can provide comprehensive information about resources available to you and how to file a complaint if desired.  If you are not sure if your situation falls under Title IX you may contact the Title IX Office to clarify where you should file a report.  Please note, the Title IX office is considered a private resource and not a confidential resource.

Confidential Resources

Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources and Education (SHARE) Advocates can provide confidential support to anyone who has experienced sexual assault, gender-based violence and/or relationship violence.

Mental Health professionals in the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Office provide a comprehensive range of confidential support.

Health Care Providers at University Health Services can provide confidential care. 

Ordained Clergy can provide confidential resources.  To speak with a University Chaplain you may contact the Office of the Chaplains and Religous Life at Brown, or you may seek out another clergy-person that you know in the community.

Private Resources

You may have a personal relationship with an advisor or a staff person on campus and they may be a good resource for you.  The list below is not comprehensive but provides a few options in the Division of Campus Life and Student Services to obtain trans-affirming support.  

LGBTQ Center

Brown Center for Students of Color

Sarah Doyle Women's Center

Student Support Services

FLi - First-Generation College Student and Low-Income Center

International Student Experience