Trans Staff & Faculty Resources

General Support

The LGBTQ Center is a place where faculty and staff can come for resources if they would like support or they are supporting someone else.  If you would like to find out more about our resources and/or have a concern please contact the Director at [email protected] and/or the Assistant Director at [email protected] to discuss your needs and we will work to assist you.  

Gender Transitions at Brown

The Brown University health insurance plans for students, staff, and faculty all provide some trans-inclusive coverage for a medical transition.  While the plans are fairly comprehensive, the amount of coverage available will depend upon several factors including which doctors you are seeing and what treatments you require.  Consult your specific insurance company directly to find out what coverage is available to you.  After consulting your plan we are happy to help you navigate questions and concerns that arise.  

If you are a faculty member, staff member, post-doc, or student who would like assistance within your department during a gender transition the LGBTQ Center can help.  We have developed a flexible transition plan process that can be adapted to meet your particular needs.  If you are a supervisor who is supporting a supervisee who is transitioning gender we are available to assist you as well.  For more information please contact the Director, Kelly Garrett