Women's History Series 2020

Radical Roots: Nourishing Feminist Work

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Tuesday, February 25
Gender, Politics, and Education: A Conversation with Nirva LaFortune
12-1PM, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender

Nirva LaFortune, Assistant Director for Scholars Programs and Diversity Initiatives for The College at Brown, and Providence City Council member, will join us for a conversation on gender, politics, and education. Come and learn more about Nirva's work and how she got involved in local politics. Learn more about Nirva at this link. RSVP at this link.

Thursday, February 27
Womxn of Color Reception
5:30-7PM, Faculty Club 
1 Bannister Street, Providence

The Brown Center for Students of Color, the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, and the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity host this annual celebration and community building event. RSVP at https://tinyurl.com/WOC2020

Monday, March 2
Women’s History Series Celebration
12:00-1:30PM, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender

Join us in collective celebration for the start of Women’s History Series. We will have refreshments, cake, music, and WHS calendars!

Tuesday, March 3
Writing the Funnies: Storytelling and Comic Strip Creation
6:30-8:30PM, 85 Waterman St., Rm 130

The Multiracial Heritage Series at the Brown Center for Students of Color and Women’s History Series at the Sarah Doyle Center is honored to host a lecture and workshop with Juliana “Jewels” Smith. Jewels is a writer, cultural worker, and educator, who is the author of (H)afrocentric, a comic book that follows undergraduates of color navigating a predominantly white institution and wrestling with issues of gentrification. This workshop will focus on political literacy through comics, the use of humor to address serious topics, and allow for students to explore their own comic making skills.

Wednesday, March 4
The Promised Body: Self-Help, Diet Culture, and Fat Shame 
Lunchtime conversation with Jenny Dolan
12:00-1:00PM, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender 

Since the turn of the twentieth century, middle-class Americans have considered the thin body—ostensibly the result of self-control and self-discipline—a moral imperative and a symbol of good citizenship. Today fat studies scholars are challenging negative stereotypes about fatness by showing their roots in racism, patriarchy, and capitalism. In this empowering lunchtime talk, Jenny Dolan will introduce participants to the field of fat studies by discussing some of her current research projects: a cultural history of “willpower” and a feminist analysis of “feeling fat” on Twitter. RSVP at this link

Wednesday, March 4
My Grandmother’s Recipe: Foodwork as Resistance
3-4:15PM, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender 

Food literally fuels our everyday resistance. It connects us to living histories and legacies of survival. Yet coloniality, which severs the body from the land, maintains our dismemberment with our ancestral foodways. Join kumar of the Brown Center for Students of Color for a workshop that seeks to restore food knowledges and practices as sites of love, creativity, joy, and resistance. Participants will be encouraged through interactive prompts to reflect on their own relationship with foodwork, ancestors, and resistance. RSVP at this link.

Thursday, March 5
Radical Roots, Radical Research: Feminist Librarianship and Archives
12-1:15PM, Pembroke Hall 305
172 Meeting St, Providence 

Libraries and archives can be creative and innovative sites for feminist research and praxis. Please join us for a lunch conversation with Janaya Kizzie, the first RI Arts and Culture Research Fellow at the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, Mary Murphy, the Nancy L. Buc '65 Pembroke Center Archivist, Kate Wells, Curator of Rhode Island Collections at the Providence Public Library, and Amanda E. Strauss, Associate University Librarian for Special Collections at the John Hay Library. They will share their current projects and provide advice for those working on feminist research projects and/or thinking about careers in Library Science. RSVP at https://tinyurl.com/feministarchive20

Friday, March 6
International Women’s Day Brunch
10:30AM-12:30PM, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender

Please join us for a day of sharing and celebration of the revolutionary lives of international women. All gender identities are welcome! Co-sponsored by the Global Brown Center for International Students, English Language Support, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, and The College. RSVP at https://tinyurl.com/IWDbrunch20

Monday, March 9
Get Hot/Get Free: Exploring the Connections Between Sexual Pleasure, Health, & Education 
6-8:00 PM, Petteruti Lounge
75 Waterman Street, Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (The CSPH) is a Providence-based nonprofit organization that envisions a world where pleasure is viewed as an integral part of health and where adults can talk about sexuality while feeling comfortable and supported. In this two hour workshop, The CSPH’s Cheylsea Federle will demonstrate how three components of sexuality — pleasure, health, and education — are interconnected through the lens of advocacy. Through interactive discussion centered on sex education and sexual freedom, participants will explore topics such as the circles of sexuality, self-love, and the multiple intersections that complicate and inform our sexual experiences. RSVP at this linkIn collaboration with BWell and SHAG for Sex Week

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our remaining events due to evolving concerns related to COVID-19. We are working to reschedule for Fall 2020. For Brown's updates on the coronavirus, visit https://covid.brown.edu/


Thursday, March 12 - [Cancelled]
Violence Against Women Revisited: Intersectional Sex Worker Organizing 
10:30AM-12:00PM, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender

Sex work has historically been a loaded issue, inciting heated debates across the globe. This event will revisit the radical values, history, and practices of the activism surrounding the topic and ask two lifetime activists who have fought at the forefront of sex workers’ rights. Come join us for coffee, tea, and cookies, as scholar-activist, Margo Okazawa-Rey, and the director of COYOTE RI, Bella Robinson, share their perspectives generated from years of organizing for sex workers’ rights. Let us lovingly yet critically challenge some popular myths about sex work. We also have a collection of zines created by sex workers for folks to explore.

Thursday, March 12 - [Cancelled]
What Does it Mean to be Radical?
5:00-6:30 PM, Faculty Club
1 Bannister Street, Providence

For anti-war activist, scholar, and teacher, Margo Okazawa-Rey, “there is no freedom without connection and there is no connection without freedom.” How do we work towards freedom by building connections? Join Margo as she speaks about how radical politics means leaning into our contradictions, tapping into our collective yearnings, and generatively struggling around a common vision that allows us all to grow and get free.

Friday, March 13 - [Cancelled]
Living Room: A Feminist Teacher Gathering
12:00-1:30pm, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender

This is a good time
This is the best time
This is the only time to come together
-June Jordan “From Sea to Shining Sea” in Living Room (1985)

With all the wonderful additions to Brown, we are inviting feminist teachers to gather for an informal lunch to meet and get to know each other. In heeding June Jordan’s call to come together in her collection of poems entitled Living Room, we invite feminist teachers to our living room at the Sarah Doyle Center where so many conversations, gatherings, and celebrations have taken place. The lunch will include introductions, a conversation between activist-scholar Margo Okazawa-Rey (who also loved Jordan) and Sarah Doyle Director Gail Cohee, and time to be with fellow feminist faculty, graduate students, staff, teachers and scholars. Please RSVP if you are interested in attending. We are so excited for all of us to be together.

Friday, March 13 - [Cancelled]
What is Feminist Security Studies: A Conversation with Margo Okazawa-Rey and Catherine Lutz 
2:00-3:30 PM, Watson Institute, Joukowsky Forum
111 Thayer Street, Providence

What does the term “security” mean? Whose security are we talking about? Can we envision feeling secure outside the use of state violence on (inter)national and (inter)personal levels? Join Margo Okazawa-Rey, teacher, scholar and anti-war activist and Catherine Lutz, anthropology professor and director of the “Costs of War Project” in conversation about the key debates within Feminist Security Studies, feminist ethics, and practices of creating communities outside of the security state.  

Friday, March 13 - [Cancelled]
Black Feminism Then and Now: A Conversation with Margo Okazawa-Rey and Emily Owens
5:00-6:30PM, Faculty Club
1 Bannister Street, Providence

The Combahee River Collective (CRC) was a radical black feminist, socialist, anti-imperialist collective of women--born out of the necessity to understand and improve their own lives and build a future that would free us all. Join Margo Okazawa-Rey, a founding member of the CRC, and Emily Owens, assistant professor of history, in conversation around how the collective theorized and practiced a politic of anti-imperialism and its legacy for contemporary Black feminist internationalism, solidarity building, and how we move in the world.

Friday, March 13 - [Cancelled]
Karaoke Dance Party
8:00-10:00 PM The Underground (Stephen Robert ‘75 Campus Center, Lower Level)

To close out Margo’s visit, we are hosting a karaoke night. Come through to celebrate, dance, and sing the songs that give you joy. Bring a friend! Snacks and beverages provided. This event is sponsored by the Sarah Doyle Center and the Global Brown Center.

Monday, March 16 - [Cancelled]
Anna Julia Cooper and Black Women’s Activism Beyond the Women’s Suffrage Movement
6:30-7:30PM, Faculty Club
1 Bannister Street, Providence

Shirley Moody-Turner, Associate Professor of English and African American Studies at Penn State University, turns to the work of visionary black feminist Anna Julia Cooper to consider a fuller history of the women’s suffrage movement. For tickets visit: https://tinyurl.com/annajuliacooper20 

Tuesday, March 17 - [Cancelled]
Come Celebrate! Building the Archives of Black History Together
11:45AM-1PM, John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage 
357 Benefit Street, Providence

Shirley Moody-Turner, Associate Professor of English and African American Studies at Penn State University, and Sabrina Evans, Ph.D. student in English Literature and African American Studies at Penn State University, will share about their work on the Anna Julia Cooper Digital Project, a community-based, collaborative project that brings to digital life the writings and work of visionary black feminist Anna Julia Cooper. The Cooper Digital Project believes that through community engagement and broad-based partnerships, we can bring to light the buried histories and scattered archives of black women’s organizing and activism. Lunch provided. Co-sponsored by the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage. RSVP at this link.

Wednesday, March 18 - [Cancelled]
Pi Day Celebration
12-1:00PM, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender

In honor of Pi Day, which is on 3.14, we invite you to have some pie and pizza “pi” days later  (we’re rounding up here!). Come join the festivities where you’ll have a chance to win pi themed prizes and do fun math riddles. On display will be prominent women in STEM posters in celebration of Women’s History Month. In collaboration with the Science Center.

Wednesday, March 18 - [Cancelled]
Nurturing Alignment Workshop with xochitlcoatl
6:00-8:00PM @ Chancellor’s Dining Room, Sharpe Refectory

“como la mala yerba no nos pueden matar/like the bad weeds they can't kill us.” Join xochitlcoatl from www.lamalayerba.com in a protection and grounding skills-based workshop. In collaboration with Brown Center for Students of Color “Nurturing Alignment” program. RSVP Details forthcoming!

All events are wheelchair accessible. To request special services, accommodations or assistance, please contact Felicia Salinas-Moniz, [email protected], 401-863-1781 as far in advance of the event as possible. 

Women’s History Month was made possible with support from the Undergraduate Finance Board, Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, American Studies Department, History Department, John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Brown Center for Students of Color, Global Brown Center for International Students, and BWell Health Promotion.