Guiding Philosophies

The SDWC promotes the concept of intersectionality—that gender intersects with all other markers of identity—and thus works to help students understand the complexity of their lives and the lives of others.  In its work, the Center strives to make the connections between the classroom and life outside the classroom as seamless as possible.  To this end it promotes independent and critical thinking and works to help students and other community members understand the connections between academic theory and feminist practice.  The staff of the SDWC understands that well-rounded and critically engaged undergraduate and graduate students need guidance in order to develop their own viable praxis, and the staff helps provide that guidance through effective mentoring and advising and by providing opportunities for students to discuss and present their work.  The SDWC views effective activism as a companion to theory and helps students and others place their work inside and outside the classroom within the context of current and historical movements and research.