The Sarah Doyle Library has always depended on donations to stock our library. However, we have often gotten donations that do not fit the scope of our collection (20 year old SAT books, we’re looking at you!). Please contact us prior to making a donation. Newer items, especially those by people of color, will be prioritized

Book Donation Policy

We are always looking for additional books to add to our library. Books can span genre. Newer books, classic feminist texts not already in the library, and books by trans people and people of color will be prioritized. Please see our catalog for what we currently have.

Zine Donation Policy

Zine donations should focus on issues of marginalization, identity, and social justice. Zines by Providence zinesters/artists will also be considered. If you are able, please donate two copies--one for the Sarah Doyle and one for the sister zine archive through the Pembroke Center.

Film Donation Policy

Films should be in blu-ray or DVD format. No VHS tapes will be accepted. If you have archival footage having to do with women at Brown in this format, please contact the Pembroke Center.