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Professional Staff

Vincent Harris, PhD
Associate Dean and Director
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Vincent Harris, PhDVincent Harris, PhD

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Vincent T. Harris is a brother, a son, a future partner & father, and a source raised in one of the birthplaces of the Civil Rights Movement, Birmingham, Alabama. Nearly 12 years of his career have involved supporting underrepresented student populations at small elite private colleges/universities, mid-size liberal arts campuses, and large state system institutions. 

He is an experienced higher education administrator-scholar whose professional and research track record restores and explores the lived experiences of undergraduate and graduate students of color as it relates to the intersection of gender, ethnicity, identity (sexual orientation), masculinities, and reimagining acceptance.

 In 2015, Dr. Harris completed his post-doc employment at Harvard University as an Administrative Fellow in the Harvard College Women's Center, through the Harvard University Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity. Also, in 2015 he earned his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University, in Educational Leadership & Research Program focusing on Higher Education, with a minor in Women & Gender Studies.  In 2012 he received a M.Ed. in College Student Personnel from Ohio University, and a B.A. in Mass Communication with a minor in Marketing from Auburn University in 2006. Vincent is also a Teach For America ‘07 Houston alumni corps member.

In his spare time, he loves to play with his playful 9-year-old Black Pug named Frankie, host imaginary cooking shows in his kitchen, express his love for music on the Karaoke stage, all while making the most valiant attempts to stick to his weekly jogging & workout schedule.

Frank Garcia
Assistant Director, Co-Curricular Initiatives
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Frank GarciaFrank Garcia

Frank is proud of being a first-generation low-income college graduate. The foundation of his work is centered around empowering students while providing a holistic and intersectional approach to student support, identity development, leadership development, community building, and advocacy. Frank comes to Brown with over 10 years of experience in key administrative and leadership roles that are student-focused and social justice oriented. Frank states “My life’s passion is to be an agent of change, an advocate and most importantly a mentor to underrepresented students at institutions of higher education."
Frank graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and has taken EdD coursework in Higher Education Administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He also received his Master of Social Work with a Mental Health concentration and a certificate in Neuroscience in Social Work from Boston College and earned a certificate from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor in Higher Educational Leadership. Frank and his wife have two young children and are happy to call Providence and Brown their home!

Anne Marie Ponte
Coordinator, Co-Curricular Initiatives

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Anne Marie PonteAnne Marie Ponte

Anne Marie is pursuing her BA in Sociology and minor in Ethnic Studies at the University of Rhode Island. She has been a loyal employee of Brown University for 29 years, with 19 years in the Center. She provides supervision to Heritage Series Programmers, advising to Center-affiliated student organizations, and professional support for the Center's finances and facilities. Her work promotes critical learning and engagement for students in the Center.

Sage Morgan-Hubbard
Assistant Director
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Sage is passionate about supporting students as they navigate the intersections of their identities and lived experiences to ensure their academic and personal success. She finds home in communities of color and wants to cultivate a supportive and home-like environment for students. This home for her started at the BCSC (formerly Third World Center) - while attending Brown as an undergraduate, she served as an MPC, TWTP friend, Multiracial week programmer, and student groups- Black Sistas United eboard member, a member of Third World Action and BOMBS. She also founded WORD! Performance Poetry, a student group that has lived on to this day and is beloved by many in communities of color at Brown and RISD.
Sage graduated from Brown University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies & an Independent Concentration in “Performance Studies: Socially Conscious Art of the Everyday”, and Northwestern University in 2008 with a Masters and PhD coursework in Performance Studies & a certificate in Gender Studies.

Lehidy Frias
Program Coordinator

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Lehidy is a restorative practitioner that believes the most integral part of solidarity and identity work is community building. Lehidy is a Providence, RI local who graduated from Vermont Law School with a M.A in Restorative Justice and from Brown University with a double concentration in Anthropology & Public Health. While a Brown student, Lehidy worked as a student staffer at the Brown Center for Students of Color as a Latinx Heritage Series Programmer, a TWTP Facilitator, and a student leader in Dominican [email protected] After graduating from Brown, Lehidy worked for the Youth Restoration Project where they were a co-trainer and facilitator in Restorative Justice. They went on to work at STRIVE Prep Kepner school in Denver, Colorado and at the RYSE Center in Richmond, California as a Restorative Practices Specialist. Lehidy loves to use music, sound, and dance as a means of grounding and restoration. Lehidy also shows love and compassion by breaking bread with others and spending time with folks cooking and fussin in a hot kitchen.

Kevin Boyce
Graduate Student of Color Program Coordinator

Kevin recently graduated from Brown University this past May with a bachelor's degree in business, entrepreneurship, and organizational studies as an Engaged Scholar. He is currently pursuing a Master's in Public Affairs from Brown's Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs and will graduate in the spring of 2022. Kevin plans to pursue a career in transformative impact within the social entrepreneurship space that specifically aims to support Black urban communities. Here are some fun facts about Kevin: he is originally from Columbus, Ohio, he previously worked at the BCSC as a Black Heritage Series Coordinator, and is a member of the Track and Field team here at Brown! We are very excited that Kevin is a part of our team again this year!