Minority Peer Counselors

The Minority Peer Counselor (MPC) is a paraprofessional staff member who works actively to support Brown’s philosophy by promoting personal growth, social responsibility, and intellectual development through community-based interactions in a first-year residence hall unit, with a special emphasis on mentoring and supporting first year students of color. The MPC works closely with their unit Co-Counselor team which consists of a Resident Counselor (RC) and Women Peer Counselor (WPC) to facilitate this objective.

By using a system of community support, the student-run program has had a significant impact on making students of color feel comfortable in a predominately white institution. MPCs receive comprehensive training on a range of skills, which include navigating/awareness of the -isms (i.e., racism, classism, sexism, etc.), active listening, crisis intervention, mediation, conflict resolution, promoting pluralism and diversity, and building community. They are a vital link in the network of support available to new students of color.

Minority Peer Counselor 2016-2017

Ameera Kuforiji '19
Andy Pham '19
Brian Elizalde '19
Briana Nunez '19
Christine Lim '19
Courtney Hoggard '19
Emilio Vides-Curnen '19
Gabrielle Alcala '19
Giovanni Santiago '19
Helya Azadmanesh-Samimi '19
Julie Pham '19
Katherine Chavez '19
Kayla Cain '19
Khalif Andre '19
Kobe Pereira '19
Maryam Ahmad '19
Nana Adu '19
Nicole Comella '19
Renee Aponte '19
Salina Tesfay '19
Shanze Tahir '19
Tabitha Payne '19
Terrell Palmer '19
Uche Onwunaka '19
Valerie Santos '19
Victoria Huynh '19