Minority Peer Counselors

The Minority Peer Counselor (MPC) is a paraprofessional staff member who works actively to support Brown’s philosophy by promoting personal growth, social responsibility, and intellectual development through community-based interactions in a first-year residence hall unit, with a special emphasis on mentoring and supporting first year students of color. The MPC works closely with their unit Co-Counselor team which consists of a Resident Counselor (RC) and Women Peer Counselor (WPC) to facilitate this objective.

By using a system of community support, the student-run program has had a significant impact on making students of color feel comfortable in a predominately white institution. MPCs receive comprehensive training on a range of skills, which include navigating/awareness of the -isms (i.e., racism, classism, sexism, etc.), active listening, crisis intervention, mediation, conflict resolution, promoting pluralism and diversity, and building community. They are a vital link in the network of support available to new students of color.

Minority Peer Counselor 2018-2019

Luqmaan Bokhary
Symone Houston
Amanda Moreno
Kaylah Paras
Samantha Scott 
Keanna Hunter
Cassandra T-Pederson
Jai Chavis 
Bailee Peralto 
Kaycie Sweeney-Mulhern
Alonnie Johnson 
Ijahala Pottinger 
Manuel Avalos
Nicaurys Rodriguez 
Gabrielle Tanksley 
Rainbow Chen 
Diana Cruz 
Quentin Thomas 
Jessica Owusu-Afari
Alexis Roman
Nam Do
Georgeara Castaneda 
George Kubai
Maria Bolanos 
Julius Gingles 
Ozomatli Zarate
Akire Hawkins