Minority Peer Counselor Friends

In the spirit of Third World Transition Program and our beloved Third World Center, the MPC Friend position continues to play a strong and vital role in the heart of the Center.  The MPC Friend is an additional mentor and source of support to incoming students at TWTP, new MPCs, and others involved with the TWC.  The MPC Friend serves as the liaison between the TWC and the Brown community at large, building alliances and creating programs that are thought-provoking, eye-opening and fun.  MPC Friends also support the MPC program, TWC programmers and other TWC student organizations in their outreach and other activities.  During TWTP, the MPC Friends are critical to providing student leadership, energy, and hands-on activities during the program.

Minority Peer Counselor Friends offer support during TWTP and throughout the academic year that follows.  MPC Friends:

  1.   Support the TWTPCs and MPCCs in organizing and hosting TWTP.
  2.   Create a strong support network for the Minority Peer Counselors, TWC programmers and TWC student organizations.
  3.  Support MPCs with workshop programming and first-year advising
  4.  Help plan events that aim to expand and empower the Third World community.
  5.  Plan Unity Days, TWTP Remix and Teach-In with fellow MPC Friends. Assist the TWC staff by volunteering to coordinate projects and intiativess throughout the year. 
  6.  Attend biweekly meetings with the MPCs.
  7.  Be a strong positive role model and representative for Third World Center Community.
  8.  Senior Friends assist current and former TWTPCs in conducting interviews and reviews of prospective MPC Friend applicants.