Nurturing Alignment

Nurturing Alignment 

Nurturing Alignment seeks to cultivate tangible practices for healing and tranformation.

Six coordinators who are committed to communities of color (Black, Latinx, Asian, Native, Multiracial, and SWANA) meet weekly to develop skill building workshops for Brown community members to attend. In these workshops, we focus on aligning one's values with everyday liberatory practices

Paid student coordinators develop creative tools to guide participants in developing these liberatory skills. Some examples of our workshops include: 

  • To Drag or Not to Drag: A workshop on practices to call-in community members on challenging topics. 
  • Space to Grow: A workshop on setting and communicating boundaries as a practice of radical honesty.
  • Embodied Healing: A workshop on body practices that use"breadth as medicine."
  • Protect your Magick: Working with plant-based medicines as a sacred and essential healing practice in queer and bipoc communities (note: this workshop is in development!). 

If you have any questions or are intersted in getting involved, please reach out to: [email protected].