TWC E-Bulletin Week of May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

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TWC Events and Announcements


Please join us as we congratulate the following award recipients:

Rising Star: Maya Finoh ’17
Rising Star Honorable Mention: Jea Sim ’17

Collaboration: Sarah Day Dayon ’15
Collaboration Honorable Mention: Radhika Rajan ’15

Senior Leadership: Stephanie Harris ’14 and Juhee Kwon ’14
Senior Leadership Honorable Mention: Mariela Martinez ’14


Brown Events and Announcements

Financial Literacy Spring Workshops

For the full schedule of workshops, click here for the brochure or here for the link. 

Spring 2014 Academic Workshops

To look at the workshop schedule for this term, click on this link. Feel free to request an academic coach by emailing if you are interested in any of these topics but can't make the workshop.

Teach English in Olneyville!

Want to get involved in the Providence community, work with the immigrant community, or learn about participatory education and teaching English? English for Action is a non-profit adult education community organization in Olneyville offering English language classes.

EFA is currently recruiting Assistant ESOL Facilitators for the Spring semester. Please email for more info!
Sponsored by the Swearer Center. More info at

NEW Expanded Hours for HIV Testing at Health Services!

Mondays - Fridays
10:00AM - 4:00PM
Location: Health Services, 13 Brown Street

FREE + confidential HIV testing is now available on demand at Health Services, Monday-Friday between 10am and 4pm. No appointment needed -- just walk in. Results available in about a half hour.

Free, confidential HIV testing at Health Services is always available by appointment. To schedule your appointment, call 401.863-3953 or book online at

SHAPE Volunteer Applications Due!

 Are you interested in community health? Gender & sexuality? Social justice? Mentorship?  Sexual health and education? Then you should apply to join SHAPE! 

Sexual Health Advocacy through Peer Education (SHAPE) is a group that facilitates sexual health education to students at the Met high school!  Applications are available here, and all apps are due by midnight on Monday, May 28.  Got questions? Email for more info.


Off-Campus Events

Summer Institute for Native Americans in Genomics

It is run by an all-star crew of Native scientists and academics as a "one-week workshop aimed at discussing the uses, misuses and limitations of genomics as a tool for Native American communities. The workshop will also assist in training Native Americans in the concepts and methods currently used in genomics. 

The goals of the workshop are to: 
1. facilitate discussion on indigenous cultural values and whether scientific methods can be beneficially incorporated with these values, 
2. provide awareness of how genomics is currently used as a tool to assist in projects focused on natural resources, history and health and
3. to increase the number of Native Americans in science research, leadership and teaching careers at all levels."  The application process will be competitive with selected participants receiving funds to cover travel, housing and food expenses for the week of the workshop. 

The website is here:

Coordinating Interfaith Exchange

As an interfaith exchange coordinator, you will meet once a week with the three other coordinators (usually for an hour on Thursday) to plan the discussion for the upcoming Sunday. Then, on Sunday, you lead a group of Providence High Schoolers to a service organization or help them to develop their own community service project from 2-4, and then return to Brown for interfaith dialogue on a particular issue from 4-5:30 (e.g. interfaith relationships, faith and violence, gender roles in religion, etc.)   Here's some more info about Interfaith Exchange:  our website--  

The Interfaith Exchange is a unique opportunity for high school students to engage with peers of different faiths in order to realize the beauty of interfaith exploration. Students of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and other religious backgrounds will will embark on a year-long journey together to work across religious lines, answering a number of challenging questions: What is interfaith collaboration? How can we use what we learn about different faiths to benefit our communities? In the process of answering these questions, members will develop and implement a year-long service project in Providence. 

How it works:  As a member of the Interfaith Exchange, you’ll be a part of an exciting and innovative movement to shape the way we help others, through the way we understand different faiths.

You will:

  •  Meet every week with the group from September 2013 – May 2014
  • Develop in-depth understandings of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and other faiths through text study & visits to fellows homes/religious institutions
  • Participate in discussions about contentious issues from an interfaith perspectives
  • Be led by Brown University students (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu) who have a wealth of religious knowledge and extensive public-service experience
  • Design and implement a weekly service initiative
  •  Participate in leadership training workshops focusing on issues of social justice and inter-religious collaboration
  • Meet leaders in the local non-profit sector and in religious communities
  • Have lots of fun spending time with local teenagers from different religious backgrounds

BRYTE Summer Camp Counselors

BRYTE Summer Camp is a six-week academic enrichment program for refugee youth in Providence, ages 6-14. Through experiential learning, ESL-focused curriculum, and innovative group enrichment, BRYTE summer camp works to combat the disparities in academic achievement for refugee youth. BRYTE students will have the opportunity to develop confidence in English language acquisition in a supportive learning community. Partnering with Providence-based organizations and community leaders, BRYTE’s curriculum in Providence strives to facilitate refugees’ transition to life in the city.  

BRYTE Summer Camp is currently recruiting passionate, committed people to serve as camp counselors. See our application for more information!


Career and Internship Opportunities

Apply to the Match Corps today!

Accepting Applications through May 31st.

Match Education is a non-profit education foundation in Boston. We're all about closing the achievement gap and urban education reform. A couple of programs we have that address both of these big issues, our Match Corps and Match Teacher Residency programs.
Match Corps is a one year urban education fellowship where recent college grads serve as tutors and mentors either in Boston or Chicago.
To find out more about our Match Corps: Boston opportunity, click here:
To find our more about our teacher prep program for those who want to teach in high performing public charter schools click here:
Questions or would you like to speak with someone directly? Email Lynn at

Spend a Week at Harvard Business School

The Harvard Business School (HBS) Summer Venture in Management Program (SVMP) is a one-week management training program for rising college seniors designed to increase diversity and opportunity in business education. This thirty-year HBS tradition demonstrates the many rewards of an MBA degree to students who may not otherwise have considered this path. Participants spend a week on campus living the MBA student experience – attending classes, analyzing case studies, and debating management issues with peers and faculty.

For more information, head over to the HBS website.

Student Internships with Cal/OSHA - Silicon Valley Brown Alumni

We are offering paid internships this summer for college students and graduate students in fields of engineering, industrial hygiene, and other fields related to occupational safety and health. The internships will give students direct, hands-on experience in the field. Our intent is to recruit students who could possibly join our workforce of dedicated health and safety inspectors upon graduation. Information about our internship program and how to apply are posted online:  

We have openings throughout California for approximately 20 students. Please apply soon. Applications will be considered as they arrive.

Interning In New York City this summer? Where Are You Going To Live?

Educational Housing Services is a great option. EHS provides safe and convenient housing to students and interns in NYC.

The EHS signature lifestyle includes:
• Fully furnished rooms with private bathroom
• Free: TVs, high-speed internet, cable and national calling
• Free: on-site fitness center, lounges, and kitchens
• 24 hour security, laundry facility, plus MUCH more
If you will be living in NYC this summer, but can’t make a year-long commitment, this may be an easy solution. To find out more about EHS and the properties that are available this summer, visit: or call 1-800-297-4694.

Fall 2014 Undergraduate Research Opportunity

This is a credit-bearing opportunity for 5-8 undergraduates in Fall 2014 to research and mitigate race-, gender-, and sexuality-based "microaggressions" at Brown University. Microaggressions are everyday experiences of subtle put-downs (i.e. being ignored, feeling unwelcome, etc.) based on often-unconscious prejudices. Undergraduates will act as co-researchers utilizing the framework of Participatory Action Research (PAR), which is a team-based research approach where co-researchers define the terms, aims and methods of the research agenda based in part on their lived experiences.

If interested, please fill in this form here.

Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM) is looking for interns!

PrYSM (Providence Youth Student Movement) IS LOOKING FOR SUMMER INTERNS! PrYSM, the Providence Youth Student Movement, is looking for two politically-engaged students to intern this summer. PrYSM is dedicated to challenging and supporting Southeast Asian young people to become leaders, community organizers, and critical thinkers. Interns will gain skills in popular education, youth organizing, campaign-planning, project management, and more! For internship descriptions, click here.

(Start Date: May 28th, 2014; End Date: August 13th, 2014; Hours per week: 10-15)

Health Leads Summer Fellowship

Interested in the relationship between urban poverty and poor health? Want to work in Providence this summer? Apply to the Health Leads Summer Fellowship. Email to learn more and receive an application.

SAAPHI Internship

For more information, click here for the brochure.

Resource Generation is Hiring: Family Philanthropy Organizer and Chapter Organizer

We are excited to be hiring for two positions: A Family Philanthropy Organizer and a National Chapter Organizer.  

Do you love community organizing and the mission of RG? Know people who do? Check out the job descriptions and pass them along to awesome community organizers who care about wealth redistribution, organizing wealthy people, family philanthropy, and funding social movements. Help RG powerfully organize hundreds (and in the future, thousands) of young people with wealth for the equitable distribution of wealth, land, and power. 

Position located in Oakland, CA, or NYC, NY. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Position open until filled. Questions? Email

Apply to Match Teacher Residency today!

Do you want to be an unusually effective first year teacher in a high-poverty charter school?
If so, you should consider Match Teacher Residency, a highly innovative, one-year teacher training program.
Basically, we give college graduates one year of incredibly intense training designed to make them unusually effective rookie teachers. We then help them find teaching positions in high-need schools, and continue to support them as they begin their careers in the classroom.
What sets MTR apart from other teacher prep programs? 1) We are prescriptive, like a sports coach or piano teacher. Members of MTR learn and practice very specific "Teacher Moves." 2) Trainees are specifically being prepared to teach in charter schools that have a track record of "turning around" low-performing kids. 3) We have a very particular approach, which involves building relationships one-on-one with kids and parents, then leveraging those relationships to run a tight ship in class, enforce rules consistently, and maintain high expectations of students.
MTR is no different from Match Corps: Boston, our full-time tutoring fellowship, from Monday-Thursday. However, unlike regular Corps members, MTRs want to go on to become full-time teachers in high-need, "No Excuses" charter schools. On Fridays and Saturdays, MTRs learn about the nuts and bolts of teaching, experience hours of hands-on practice, and receive in-depth coaching. Student teaching takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, as well; the whole program is designed so that it doesn't interfere with the primary responsibility of tutoring your students.
MTRs also pursue a Masters of Effective Teaching Degree from our sister institution, the Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education. For more information about the Masters degree component of MTR, have a look at our website:
As mentioned above, Match Teacher Residents also serve in Match Corps: Boston, our one-of-a-kind yearlong tutoring fellowship. The Match Corps program began in 2004 and is the first of its kind in the nation. The Corps is a group of top recent college graduates who work one-on-one with 6-8 Match High School, Middle School, Match Next or Match Community Day Elementary School students each day for an entire academic year. All three schools are open-admission charter public schools in Boston, MA. This full-time service year program is designed to fully close the academic achievement gap between minority students and their non-minority peers, one student at a time.
For more information about Match Teacher Residency, check out these resources:
A video introduction to Match Teacher Residency:

Our website:
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The application is available online at