Logistics and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TWTP?
A: The Third World Transition Program welcomes new students to Brown through workshops and community-building programs that center the student of color experience. By exploring systems of oppression that influence us everyday, such as racism, classism, cissexism and sexism, imperialism, ableism, and heterosexism, we hope to provide a foundation for resistance and social change. During TWTP, we call on all participants to reconsider their history and aspects of their identity and introduce students to support structures and resources available to them at Brown. You can read more about the systems of oppression we will explore in past TWTP booklets linked below!

Q: When is TWTP and General Orientation?
A: TWTP 2017 is Tuesday, August 29 – Friday, September 1. Students participating in General Orientation arrive on Saturday, September 2. Classes begin on Wednesday, September 6.

Q: When I register online, will I receive a confirmation that my registration has been accepted?
A: When you submit your registration online, you will receive an immediate SYSTEM-BASED confirmation on the google webpage that your registration has been submitted. Once the deadline for registration has passed, you will receive an email from the TWTP Coordinators confirming your space for TWTP or letting you know if you are on the waitlist. Due to program constraints, we can accept only the first 200 registrants. If you choose to not remain on the waitlist, please email us at twtp@brown.edu.

Q: What if I need to come a day early or a day late for TWTP?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early arrivals at this time. We can only arrange for your pick up on Tuesday, August 29. Even if you arrive early on campus independently, we will not be able to provide you with housing prior to Tuesday, August 29. If you come a day late, you will need to arrange for your own transportation to campus. Please indicate the day you will arrive on your registration form and email twtp@brown.edu to discuss late arrival.

Q: What room will I stay in during the program?
A: TWTP participants can move into their assigned residential space on the opening day of the program. Keys to your assigned space will be provided at the TWTP registration table.

Q: How do I get to Brown?
A: If you are coming by air, train or bus into Providence on Tuesday, August 29, we will have a shuttle service to pick you up from the airport, train or bus station. We will have students with Brown/TWTP signs, so please look out for them. We do receive students arriving on early morning or late night flights. This service is offered only to those arriving into Providence. If you are driving or do not need to be picked up, directions to Brown are available at http://www.brown.edu/about/visit/driving-directions . Parents can park at the Power Street Parking Complex located on Brook Street between Power St. and Williams St.

Q: When do I get to Brown and where do I check in?
A: On Tuesday, August 29, you can check in for TWTP. We will provide more details about check-in as the date draws closer. When you check in for registration, you will receive keys to your permanent room assignment. TWTP staff will also be there to register you for TWTP and provide you with the program materials. Brown Center for Students of Color staffers will be at the residence halls to help you with your luggage.

Q: How do I register if I come in after 5 pm on Tuesday, August 29 or on Friday, September 1?
A: If you come in after 5 pm on Tuesday, August 29, late registration will be at the Center, 68 Brown Street. You will receive your room keys as well as your TWTP registration materials.  Students will be at the Center to help you with your luggage.

Q: Are there any activities for my parents/guardians?
A: Yes, there are activities for parents on Tuesday, August 29th. Schedule coming soon.

Q: Is there a TWTP schedule?
A: Coming soon.

Q: Is there a schedule for Move-In Day (August 29, 2017)?
A: Coming soon.

Q: What do I bring with me for TWTP?
A: An energized spirit and a curious mind! You may want to pack a separate bag (for the three days of TWTP) that contains all your essentials. Even though you will be given your permanent room keys at check-in, it is advisable not to completely unpack and arrange your room if your roommate(s) are not present. This will help avoid unnecessary conflicts with your roommate on the arrangements in your room. Please make sure to have a sweatshirt handy to handle the air conditioning in buildings!

Q: Is there a listing of local hotels and transportation for my parents?
A: Yes, click here for a list of hotels and here for transportation

Q: Is there a listing of places to eat or things to do in Providence?
A: Yes, click here!

Move-In Day – Schedule for Tuesday, August 29, 2017.
All TWTP participants can sign-in for TWTP and move into their rooms on Tuesday, August 29, 2017. Minority Peer Counselors and other Center staffers will be at the registration venues to help students move into their residence halls.

Q: Who sponsors TWTP?
A: TWTP is sponsored by the Offices of the Dean of the College and Campus Life and Student Services.  It is organized by the staff and students of the Brown Center for Students of Color. The Director and the staff of the Center work with and supervise the TWTP Student Coordinators.  Over fifty students work behind the scenes to implement this pre-orientation program. The Minority Peer Counselors (MPCs) and other Center student staff members work together to implement logistics, co-facilitate workshops and lead small group discussions for the participants. 

Please also refer to our “Should I Attend TWTP?” page for more information.