Should I attend TWTP?

Q: What is TWTP? 
A: The Third World Transition Program welcomes new students to Brown through workshops and community-building programs that center the student of color experience. By exploring systems of oppression that influence us everyday, such as racism, classism, cissexism and sexism, imperialism, ableism, and heterosexism, we hope to provide a foundation for resistance and social change. During TWTP, we call on all participants to reconsider their history and aspects of their identity and introduce students to support structures and resources available to them at Brown. You can read more about the systems of oppression we will explore in past TWTP booklets linked below!

Q: When is TWTP and General Orientation? 
A: TWTP 2017 is Tuesday, August 29 – Friday, September 1. Students participating in General Orientation arrive on Saturday, September 2. Classes begin on Wednesday, September 6.

Q: Why is it called the Third World Transition Program? 
A: The Third World Transition Program was created after protests led by Black women and students in 1968 and 1975 demanded the University provide better support and resources for them. Students of color at Brown began using the term “Third World” instead of "minority" because of the negative connotations of inferiority and powerlessness with which the word "minority" is often associated. Although the term "Third World" may have negative connotations outside of Brown, Brown students of color continue to use the term "Third World" to describe a social consciousness which recognizes the similarities shared by socially and politically marginalized communities. Using the term "Third World" reminds students of the power they have in coalescing, communicating, and uniting across their differences to create a safer and more free place for all individuals. This consciousness at Brown also reflects a right, a willingness, and a necessity for people of color and others to define themselves instead of being defined by others.
See more at TWC History at Brown.

Q: Is TWTP only for students of color or can anyone attend? 
A: TWTP is open to all first-year incoming students regardless of race or nationality. The issues discussed at TWTP focus on domestic issues faced by Third World communities and communities of color within the United States. These include issues of racism, classism, cissexism and sexism, ableism, imperialism, and heterosexism.

Q: Does TWTP cost anything? Do I have to pay a registration fee or pay for my housing and meals?
A: No. There is no registration fee to attend TWTP. The program will cover your housing and meals.  Your meal plan for the semester begins on Saturday, September 2, the first day of General Orientation.

Q: Are there services and accommodations available for students with disabilities?
A: Yes. Students with disabilities should contact Student and Employee Accessibility Services (SEAS). They can be reached at (401) 863-9588 or between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m (during their summer hours). SEAS serves students with physical, psychological, sensory and learning disabilities. Please contact SEAS well in advance for specific accommodations. Additional information can be found on their website at

Q: I am a student athlete and have training. Can I attend TWTP? 
A: Of course! If you want to come to any TWTP activities during your free time, you are more than welcome. You should register for the program and work out an agreeable schedule with your coach. Please alert your unit MPC of your schedule.

Q: Can I register for both Excellence at Brown and TWTP?
A: You can register for both TWTP and Excellence. You will have to choose which program you want to attend if you are extended an invitation to participate in TWTP. Since both programs have overlapping schedules, you would not benefit from attending both. In order to promote greater educational options and social networking, all four pre-orientation programs will be joining together for common programming on Thursday evening.

Q: Can I register for both the International Mentoring Program (IMP) and TWTP? 
A: More details coming soon.

Q: Should I register for TWTP if I can attend only a few sessions of TWTP? 
A: Ideally, you should attend all sessions of TWTP. However, if you are an athlete or registered IMP, you can be excused from some TWTP sessions. Please inform your Minority Peer Counselor (MPC) regarding your schedule for each day and which sessions of TWTP you will be attending.
Q: Can I attend only from the afternoon of Friday, August 29? 
A: Unfortunately, we would not encourage you to join the sessions so late. You would not have the full experience of TWTP and you may feel uncomfortable joining the group at this late stage.

Please also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.