What TWTP Means to Us:

“You don't need to be in any sort of minority to get something from this program; everyone brings some sort of diversity and the best part is seeing the way we all interconnect.”

“It's so funny. Everyone that I talked to about TWTP ended up regretting they didn't go. That wasn't really my goal - but I think that underscores the fact that there's just so much to gain from TWTP. You legitimately learn about diversity and how to embrace it. You learn about yourself, and with you are 200 others who are now your friends, your support system, your family.”

“TWTP is a extravagant opportunity for all incoming students who are worried about college and who want to experience Brown's embracing character. It is warm, fun, and a MUST to kick off your year with a bang. Rarely do you get an opportunity to discuss intimately with strangers you just met. This is the opportunity to do so.”

“TWTP was where I learnt to be brave yet vulnerable, to love and be loved, to go crazy and then to have serious conversation, with the coolest people I've ever met. Best way to start off my time at Brown.”

“TWTP made me realize that High School was really over, but in the best possible way because I was able to talk about issues many are afraid of and meet individuals in a safe space where at least some judgement was taken out of the equation.”

“The energizers and sessions were SUPER BOMBASTIC!! KABOOOOM!!!”

“If you want to gain insight in to how each component of our identity intersects, and how these aspects are constructed, portrayed, received and valued by others, then TWTP is an excellent way to begin. Through a series of deep discussions you will touch upon subjects about who we are, as both individuals and members of groups, and how societies power dynamics affect both. Finally, you will forge meaningful connections with peers from all grade levels and all backgrounds in order to broaden the scope of your experiences and friendships.”

“TWTP is not a week, or a program.  It is the beginning of a lifelong commitment to dialogues surrounding critical universal issues, like race and class, that are only proving to become more and more central to current events.  The bonds you create and the questions you engender are only in the infant stage, and will only grow and blossom as you grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually.”

“TWTP helps students to embrace their differences, and connect with others on an inexplicable level. I had an amazing time at TWTP, made my closest friends, and was able to open myself up to learning about different cultures, mentalities, and life styles. I feel so comfortable in my own skin here at Brown, and I credit TWTP for helping me to gain the sense of belonging I now have here. I couldn't recommend TWTP enough.”

“Is there another place where in the space of three short days you can discuss topics that most of the world feels uncomfortable addressing? TWTP will change the way you view the world around you, it will give you strength in the face of adversity, and surround you with friends who will always support you. I know it certainly did all of that for me.”

“I originally wasn't signed up for TWTP but I changed my mind kind of last minute and it was quite possibly one of the BEST decisions I have made as a Brown student thus far. TWTP is a great learning experience and I recommend for others to take this opportunity. TWTP brings lasting friendships and much love to all of the participants. Go for it!”