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Job Description

The TWTPC is a challenging and rewarding job at the Third World Center. Each year two individuals are selected through a rigorous application process to become TWTPCs.

The job begins informally in the Spring semester with MPC Friend selection, initial TWTPC Orientation, and TWTP registration process in the June - July time frame. The job itself begins in June of 2011 and will end in May of 2012.

During this time, the TWTPCs will plan the details of Third World Transition Program (TWTP) over the summer and various events based on the -isms throughout the school year. They will coordinate biweekly meetings for the MPCs, MPC Friends, and MPCCs throughout the school year and help to delegate tasks among the MPCs and Friends.

The TWTPCs play an important role in advocating the philosophy, legacy and history behind Third World activism at Brown upon which the TWC is founded. While planning TWTP and other events throughout the year, the TWTPCs also have the responsibility and privilege of building community with the TWC staff, MPC Coordinators, MPCs, and MPC Friends.

This job requires hard work and commitment to promoting solidarity among people of color. Below are some specific tasks that the TWTPCs must complete throughout the year:

Some of the requirements for this position are:

  • Have been a participant or a student staff member in a previous TWTP at Brown.
  • Participate in MPC Friend Selection in the Spring (Spring 2012). If the TWTPC is not at Brown during this semester, they will have to organize a way to participate in MPC Friend selection.
  • Be present in Providence through the summer (training will be scheduled for mid-June).
  • Be present during MPC Friends Training and TWTP.
  • Be present on campus in the Fall and Spring semesters (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013).
  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Be in good social and judicial standing.

Some of the duties include, but are not restricted to:

  • Organize and implement selection of the MPC Friends.
    • Delegate interviews and reviews of applicants by current Senior MPC Friends.
  • Update, revise and publish (on TWC website) TWTP registration process between April 15th - May 1st (in conjunction with Admissions and information sent out by Dean of the College).
  • Attend TWTPC Retreat (Spring 2012) with TWC Staff and current TWTPCs.
  • Plan, organize, implement MPC Friends training, including joint training with MPCs.
  • Plan, organize, implement TWTP prior to the beginning of the academic year (2012-2013).
  • Select, plan, coordinate and monitor workshop facilitators.
    • Please note that TWTPCs are discouraged from facilitating workshops due to both workload as well as time restrictions during the summer and TWTP. Further, there can be a conflict of interest between your role as TWTPC and coordinator of the facilitators and your role as facilitator itself.
  • Attend TWTPC Summer Retreat with TWC staff (mid-June).
  • Attend community building/bonding Retreat with MPCCs in August.
  • Meet with staff on a weekly basis (during the semester; more frequent during the summer, daily as TWTP and Training nears) for program updates.
  • Be prepared to take on additional or different responsibilities throughout the year as this position may be redefined.

Logistics for TWTP (broad overview):

If selected, some of the logistics that the TWTPC will be responsible for are -

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of student staff (TWTPCs, MPC Friends, MPCCs, MPCs) with TWC staff.
  • Set up timelines and deadlines for tasks to be accomplished.
  • Familiarize yourself with TWTP coordination responsibilities and programs from previous years.
  • Make sure that office space is reorganized and conducive for use during the summer and TWTP.
  • Identify basic agenda for TWTP.
  • Develop plan to market, solicit, and follow up on payment for ads for TWTP booklet.
    • Identify a designer for booklet cover design and composition.
  • Contact faculty and administrators for participation in various TWTP events and programming.
    • Note: All written invitations and solicitations have to be proof-read by TWC staff before they are sent out.
  • Determine ways to coordinate events at TWTP with other pre-orientation programs.
  • Develop job responsibilities for MPCs and MPC Friends before and during TWTP.
  • Prepare and send thank you notes to facilitators, faculty, administrators who helped bring it together.
  • Provide overall statistics, evaluations etc to TWC staff.
  • Attend debrief session with TWC staff.
  • Write a self-evaluation of performance during TWTP training and TWTP to help identify what future TWTPCs can do to improve the events.

Workshop Facilitator Coordination:

  • Obtain scripts and presentations from prior TWTPCs for workshops done in previous years.
  • Work with TWC staff in identifying faculty and/or resources for each workshop.
  • Identify workshop facilitators.
  • Provide workshop facilitators with prior workshop scripts and faculty contacts.
  • Develop schedule for regular facilitator meetings over the summer.
    • Facilitators not in Providence should be able to call in to these meetings on a regular basis.
    • Meetings are used to brainstorm ideas, scripts, and activities.
    • Meetings are used to review and provide feedback on presentation styles.
    • Develop and facilitate forum by which MPCs and MPC Friends who are not facilitators can participate in developing workshop material prior to training.
  • Work with TWC staff to monitor facilitator interaction with faculty/staff resources.

MPC Friends Training and Year-Long Responsibilities:

  • Develop and define roles for MPC Friends.
  • Select MPC Friends.
  • Plan and organize MPC Friends Training and joint training with MPCs prior to TWTP.
  • Work with TWC staff to determine logistics for MPC Friends training.
  • Develop and implement methods for MPC - MPC Friend bonding and collaborative interaction, during and after TWTP.
  • Ensure transparency of duties by announcing timely additions or modifications to the group.
  • Delegate Unity Days amongst MPC Friends (every First Friday of the month).
  • Delegate Remix & Teach-In for Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Ensure that MPC Friends are signed up for at least one-hour per week of office work at the TWC.
  • Ensure that MPC Friends remain involved in the activities of the Center.
  • Host biweekly meetings with MPC Friends and MPCs with one meeting a month dedicated to community and activity purposes.
  • Work with MPCCs to create working and buddy groups between MPCs and MPC Friends.
    • Ensure MPC Friends reach out to and work with their assigned MPC working groups in preparing for workshops.
  • Work with Staff to assess MPC Friend involvement and participation in an effort to increase participation.

As student employees, TWTP Coordinators are expected to uphold the Ethical Code of Conduct and Standards of Student Conduct as stipulated by the Office of Student Life. A violation of these codes will result in the immediate termination of employment.

Revised 1/12/12