TWTPC Coordinator Application and Instructions

Application Instructions and Timelines

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Third World Transition Program Coordinator position! 

We believe that the Third World Transition Program (TWTP) is one of the most important pre-orientation programs at Brown University. The discussions, workshops, and activities of TWTP welcome students to Brown University, help create support networks, and cultivate a campus culture that seeks to bring about a more equitable and just society. Participants engage in critical dialogue about the intersections of various social identities including, but not limited to: race, gender, class, ability, religion, and sexual orientation. We hope that next year’s TWTP will be everything it can be and more. 

In order for this to happen, we need dedicated, organized and strong applicants. Please review the job description for the position very carefully. It details the time commitment and major responsibilities of the position. As you review the items listed, consider your ability to fulfill these tasks in your application.

Applicants are asked to submit the application with two (2) letters of recommendation from a faculty member or administrator at by February 24th, 2012. 

We look forward to hearing from you and are confident that next year's TWTP will be amazing!


Shane Lloyd, Assistant Director of First & Second Year Programs, Third World Center
Nicole Parrish '12 & Rahil Rojiani '13, TWTP Coordinators 2011-2012

Selection Timeline:

TBD TWTPC Info Session @ TWC
TBD TWTPC Info Session @ TWC

Fri, Feb 24, 5 pm - TWTPC Applications due @ the TWC
Mon., Feb 27 to Fri., Mar 2 - TWTPC Interviews @ TWC
Mon, Mar 5, 5 pm (latest) - TWTPC decisions made


1. This form has a few sections. Please make sure to fill out the form completely. You will not be able to save the form as you fill it out.

2. Please make sure to get TWO (2) letters of recommendation to complete your application. The letters of recommendation need to speak to your work ethic as an employee and/or as a student. They can be a current or former professor/teacher. Copy and paste the following link and send it to your references: Please feel free to provide your referees a copy or a link to the TWTPC job description.

3. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process, please

Part I: Cover Letter

In a one-page, single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1" margins, please address the following questions in a cover letter.

  1. Why you are interested in becoming a TWTPC?
  2. Describe prior experiences that have prepared you to fulfill obligations of the TWTPC role.
  3. Discuss strategies that you use to maintain accountability for yourself and your colleagues.

Part II: Short Answer Questions

Please address the following questions in no more than 2 pages, single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1" margins. These questions are a major component of your application. To provide you with some time to prepare your responses before beginning your application, we are including them below.

  1. What are three major lessons you would like for participants to learn from TWTP 2012?
  2. The successful implementation of TWTP requires many partners (TWC, the Dean of the College, the Residential Life Office, Student Activities, etc.). Please describe how you would work with all of these parties to ensure the success of TWTP.
  3. TWTP is supported by a number of student leaders that play an integral part to the maintenance and execution of the event. How would you work with your peers to ensure that deadlines are met and tasks are completed? How would you follow-up with students who were not fully meeting their obligations?
  4. TWTP provides an introductory opportunity for participants to explore critical issues around identity development, where do you see other opportunities to explore and engage in further discussions around these issues? How would you work with administrators and student staff to create further opportunities for exploration?

Part III: Application Form

TWTPC Application Form:

In order to access this the application you must be logged into your Brown University Gmail account before opening the application form. The application is a secure form best accessed through Firefox or Safari.

Part IV: Letters of Recommendation

Please provide TWO (2) letters of recommendation (from a current/former employer or professor/teacher) that will speak to your work ethic as an employee and/or as a student and your ability to build a sense of community. Specific examples are very helpful. You may want to provide them with the job description (available at for details on the position.

Please email, fax or mail the letters of recommendation to:
Shane Lloyd, Assistant Director for First and Second Year Programs -
Fax – 401-863-1184
Third World Center
68 Brown St
Providence, RI 02912