AdobeStock_164318770 [Converted].pngDo you have large neuroscience datasets that need analysis? A video annotation process that could be automated with computer vision? Neural data to be modeled? Do you have a problem that requires expertise in computer vision, machine learning or data science? Submit your challenge to the next Neurodatathon.

Neurodatathons provide instructions on state-of-the-art techniques in computational methods and neuroscience, and the opportunity to compete for prizes by analyzing special datasets that describe brain and behavior.

Neurodatathons are open to all members of the Brown University community, especially those with backgrounds in neuroscience, computer science, data science and applied mathematics. 

Do you have a challenge to propose for the next datathon? Email Thomas Serre, co-director of the Center for Computational Brain Science, with a brief description of the challenge and details about the dataset. Please include a brief statement about the availability of ground-truth annotations.