Alycia Mosley Austin

In what capacity and when were you at Brown?
Undergraduate student, 1997-2001.

What do you do now? Provide a brief description of what you do for a living and what drives you professionally.
I am Associate Director of the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program and Assistant Dean of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School. My professional goals are to improve access and equity in higher education and to contribute innovative ways to train future neuroscientists. 

How did your experience at Brown (in the lab, in the classroom, and in the Brown community) prepare you for what you do today?
My Brown experience gave me the confidence and skills to be entrepreneurial about my career. The kind of big-picture, open-ended, and outside-of-the-box thinking supported by the Brown community emboldened me to chart my own course at the intersection of neuroscience and social justice, rather than following a defined path.