David Brandman

In what capacity and when were you at Brown?
Graduate student and postdoc, 2013-present.

What do you do now? Provide a brief description of what you do for a living and what drives you professionally.
I'm a post-doctoral research fellow with the department of engineering, under the supervision of Drs. Hochberg and Simeral. I'm currently using the skills that I learned as part of my graduate training at Brown University to develop automated, embedded devices capable of providing reliable and robust communication for people with paralysis. After I complete my post-doctoral training, I return to Canada to continue my surgical training. 

How did your experience at Brown (in the lab, in the classroom, and in the Brown community) prepare you for what you do today?
My goal is to become an academic neurosurgeon: a researcher who develops brain computer interface technology, while providing quality healthcare to my patients. I plan to specialize as a functional neurosurgeon who uses brain computer interface technology for my patients. Brown University is a world-class center to study BCI technology, given the amazing talent at the university. Drs. Donoghue, Hochberg, Simeral, and Nurmikko are world-leaders and pioneers in their fields. I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to study here, and hope to use the skills I've learned to make a positive impact to my patients and my community.