Marilyn Lee, Marco DeCecco, and John Sedivy
Leadership Alliance Summer Student Marilyn Le with
Postdoctoral Associate Marco De Cecco and Professor
John Sedivy: You can probably tell who did all the
experiments and who was just lounging around in the lab.

The principal concept guiding the foundation of the Center on the Biology of Aging is to engage in education.

Through these efforts we foster not only increased awareness of this fascinating topic, but promote and stimulate basic research in this critically important area.

The cornerstone of our efforts is a Pre-doctoral Training Grant from the National Institute on Aging. With this award we have established a curriculum track in the Molecular Biology of Aging (MBoA) in the MCB and Pathobiology Graduate Programs.

The training grant funds fellowships leading to a Ph.D. degree in the laboratories of participating faculty.

The Center supports several other activities, including  the Aging Seminar Series, the Providence Area Aging Research Forum, and the annual Colloquium on the Biology of Human Aging.