Regular Events


  • The Biology of Aging Seminar Series brings to Brown University some of the most prominent scientists in the field. It is held once per month during the academic year, at noon on the third Thursday each month (unless otherwise announced). Please see the calendar and upcoming events for talks scheduled in the current semester. Visit Past Aging Seminars for a listing of past events.
  • The Providence Area Aging Research Forum, also known as PAARF, is a monthly venue that follows a 'group meeting' format. Graduate students and postdocs present talks in an informal atmosphere, with a focus on discussing unpublished research in progress. PAARF is held in the early evening on the third Tuesday of each month (unless otherwise announced) in the Laboratories for Molecular Medicine at 70 Ship Street, Room 107.  Food is served at 5:30 pm, and talks begin at 6 pm. This venue has been enthusiastically embraced and has attracted participants from the surrounding community, including Providence College and the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole. Please see the upcoming events for talks scheduled in the current semester. Visit Past PAARF Meetings for a listing of past events.

Jill Kreiling, Abigail Peterson, and Marco DeCecco
After-seminar discussions in the Laboratories for
Molecular Medicine: Assistant Professor Jill Kreiling (left),
Lab Manager Abigail Peterson (middle), and Postdoctoral
Associate Marco De Cecco (right).

  • For the past seventeen years, the annual Brown Colloquium on the Biology of Human Aging has brought outstanding scientists from around the world to Brown for a one-day symposium to speak on a variety of current issues in aging research. John Sedivy and Marc Tatar founded the Colloquium in 1998, with support from the Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research.  It is open to the Brown community and the general public, and is an important outreach activity that brings together the gerontology and geriatrics community with campus-based basic researchers. Please see upcoming events for more information. Visit Past Annual Colloquia for a listing of past events.
  • The Center on the Biology of Aging hosts the Biology of Aging Annual Retreat to highlight the accomplishments of the BOA students and faculty.  The 2018 BOA retreat was held on Saturday, October 20th, in room 220 and the adjoining atrium in Sidney Frank Hall.