Brown Core Facilities


The Leduc Bioimaging facility provides equipment and instruction dedicated to high-resolution imaging for life science research.

Bioinformatics Analysis

This service from the Brown Division of Biology and Medicine offers collection and assembly of data for genomic analysis and for gene expression profiling, general advice on existing tools for genome analysis, gene expression analysis, gene annotation, and epigenetic analysis and a resource for structural bioinformatics, proteome analysis, and general data-mining strategies.

Flow Cytometry

The Brown University Flow Cytometry and Sorting Facility is directed by a PhD-level investigator and managed by a research technician. This facility provides technical assistance to Brown researchers by performing flow cytometry based analysis and sorting and has a 3-laser, 15-Parameter BD FACSAria for flow sorting applications.


The Center for Genomics and Proteomics Genomic Core Facility provides investigators ready access to a wide variety of advanced instrumentation, genomic technologies, data analytical services, and training.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The MRI Research Facility provides infrastructure and support to facilitate research and educational activities using magnetic resonance imaging technology.

Molecular Pathology Core

The MPC laboratory of the Superfund Research Program at Brown University provides histopathological, immunohistochemical and immunocytological technologies. Processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining of specimens is available along with educational and hands-on training.

Mouse Transgenics and Gene Targeting

The purpose of the Mouse Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility is to support investigators in using genetically modified mouse models. The staff is available to provide transgenic and knock-out mouse services, as well as to provide general advice on the use and management of such mice.


The NSF/EPSCoR Proteomics Shared Resource Facility is directed and staffed by a PhD level scientist with technical know-how of numerous instrumentation platforms and bioinformatics analytical tools.