Amanda Loyola Heufemann: The Black-White Wage Gap and Human Capital Investment

Amanda Loyola Heufemann to work for one semester as a research assistant to Professor Anna Aizer on a project entitled "The Black-White Wage Gap and Human Capital Investment." In this project, they plan to estimate how efforts to reduce labor market discrimination against African Americans affected schooling decisions of the next generation. In particular, they will exploit the June 1941 executive order, which prohibited discrimination by race in the federal government and in corporations that held federal contracts. Data from World War II expenditures and employment, broken down by location, industry, and occupation, will be matched with the Occupational Changes in a Generation surveys of 1962 and 1973 (extensions of the March CPSs of those years), which collect information on occupation, education, industry and income for males 18-64 years and the same information on their fathers and mothers.

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