This website was begun in a senior research seminar in Architectural Studies at Brown University's Department of the History of Art and Architecture taught by Dietrich Neumann in the fall of 2002 with the following participants:

Andrea Abramoff '04, Tylene Bautista '04, Estelle Bossy '04, Caroline Dowling '03, Catherine Gilbane '03, Matthew Emond '04, Mark Guberman '03, Jacqui Hogans '03, Holly Holbrook-Kuratek '03, Min Lee '03, Yannling Lim '03, Chelsea Limbird '03, Jenny Lin '03, Andrew Lyon '03, Jahanaz Mirza '03, Daniel Mermel '03, Jocelyn Moore '03, Mark Peterson '03, Nick Risteen '03, Alok Sachdeva '03.

The research was continued in the following year, in another senior research seminar by Sarah Barrett '04, Victoria Birch '04, Gillian Cantor '04, Terri Chiao '04, J. Patrick Chu '04, Jennifer Driver '04, Sara Emmenecker '04, Megan Hall '04.5, Joseph Hang '04, Diana Palsdotter Horn Af Aminne '04, Loreal Monroe '04, Skyler Ng '04, Raluca Preotu (grad. stud.), Mariah Proctor-Tiffany (grad. stud.), Rachel Terp '04, Alexia Terzopolous '04, Tara Williams '04.

While the selection of buildings began initially with the environment we are most familiar with, (coinciding with the area that traditional guidebooks would concentrate on, Providence's downtown and College Hill) we would soon direct our attention to sections of the city that had received less attention, to building types that were neither institutional, nor churches or homes of wealthy citizens.

We asked ourselves: How do you capture the complexity of a city? What buildings are worth noticing, talking about, or researching? How is your appreciation conditioned by your previous experiences, your education, your profession?

From exceptional examples of urban architecture we moved towards typical architecture and from questions of stylistic classification to those of use and social and urban significance; We hope that this site continues to evolve in scope and contents.