Intern App - Research Placement Program

Research Placement Faculty - Child Track

Child Track Faculty offering Research Placements

Clinical Child Psychology:

Jennifer Freeman & Kristen Benito - Pediatric Anxiety Research Clinic (PARC): Assessment and treatment of childhood and adolescent obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders; dissemination and implementation of exposure treatment for anxiety. 

Christopher Houck & David Barker: Adolescent sexual risk behavior; adolescent partner violence, emotion regulation, behavioral prevention interventions.

Research Placement Faculty - Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine Track

Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine Faculty offering Research Placements

Mary Carskadon: Psychological, behavioral, social, and biological factors that determine sleep amount and timing for children, adolescents, and emerging adults; sleep, circadian rhythms, and child and adolescent mental health; impact of alcohol on sleep and cognitive behavior in adults; sleep disparities in urban children with asthma.