Adult Track - Collaborative Addiction Recovery Services

Collaborative Addiction Recovery Services - Providence VA Medical Center
Faculty Supervisor(s): Jayne Kurkjian, PhD, Jane Metrik, PhD, and Robert Tilton, PsyD

The Collaborative Addiction Recovery Services (CARS) rotation at the Providence VA Medical Center is designed to allow the clinical psychology resident to develop skills in the psychological assessment and treatment of substance use disorders, taking into account the special needs for holistic, integrated care in this population. Each year, more than 250,000 outpatient visits occur at the Providence VA Medical Center.  Organized within the Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences Service of the Medical Center, CARS is a multifaceted program that provides, via its interdisciplinary treatment team, services that encompass the entire continuum of care in the treatment of addictive behaviors. CARS either directly provides or has access (via in-house referral, referral to other VAMCs in the region, or via an external treatment funding program administered by CARS) to the following services: comprehensive intake assessment, treatment planning and case disposition; CARS Consultation-Liaison Clinic (servicing the medical/surgical areas of the Medical Center); outpatient motivational drop-in group; inpatient detoxification; inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation; CARS Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program; evidence-based individual and group outpatient psychotherapy including CBT groups for Relapse Prevention and other groups focused on coping skills training; outpatient psychiatric and medication management services; Aftercare Group Program; and Opioid Treatment Program. Some services are offered via the VA's telehealth platform. Patients serviced by CARS present with a wide range of DSM-5 Substance-Related Disorders (usually severe and long-term in nature), often carry multiple DSM diagnoses, and typically have concomitant physical conditions that directly relate to their Substance-Related Disorder (e.g., chronic pain). CARS strives to provide addiction treatment that is well-integrated with patients' concurrent primary medical care (typically also provided in the Medical Center).