Adult Track - Inpatient and Family Therapy Program

Inpatient and Family Therapy Program – Rhode Island Hospital
Faculty Supervisor(s): Abigail Mansfield-Marcaccio, PhD, Tanya Tran, PhD, & Gabor Keitner, MD

The Inpatient and Family Therapy Program at Rhode Island Hospital provide intensive psychiatric treatment for outpatients and inpatients with a special emphasis on involving families in treatment and a biopsychosocial approach. Each inpatient is treated by a multidisciplinary team, which formulates a treatment plan that is tailored to the specific needs and problems of the patient. Treatment is multidimensional and may involve combinations of individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, and psychopharmacological treatments. Clinical psychology residents sit in on daily rounds with the treatment team, in addition to having their own caseload of individual patients and groups. One afternoon a week, clinical psychology residents also participate in the outpatient family therapy clinic in the Inpatient and Family Therapy Program.  Supervised by Abigail Mansfield, PhD, the clinic uses the McMaster approach to assess and treat families and couples using a co-therapy model.  Residents sit in on sessions and become more active in co-therapy as the rotation progresses.  As part of clinical psychology residents’ experience on the inpatient unit, weekend coverage is included, which provides an opportunity to see a much broader range of patient problems. The frequency of the weekend coverage varies depending on how many medical students and clinical psychology residents there are (e.g. one in three weeks to one in six weeks).