Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine Track - Obesity Clinical-Research (12 month experience)

Clinical-Research Focused 12 Month Experience

Unlike the four-month rotations described above, the Clinical-Research rotations are 12- month long experiences providing concentrated clinical-research training in a specialty area. During the first eight months of training, time is spent as follows: 50% time research, 20% behavioral medicine clinical experience, and 10% didactics. In the last 4 months of training, time is spent as follows: 60% research, 40% out-of-track clinical experience. The clinical-research rotations are designed for clinical psychology residents with prior experience and training within the specialty areas offered, and who are planning a research-oriented career in the specialty area.

Obesity Clinical-Research Rotation - The Miriam Hospital
Faculty Supervisor: Rena Wing, PhD and J. Graham Thomas, PhD 

The Obesity clinical-research rotation is a focused 12-month long experience providing concentrated clinical-research training in the specialty area of obesity. During the first eight months of training, time is spent as follows: 50% obesity clinical-research, 20% inpatient hospital consultation-liaison service, 20% outpatient behavioral medicine clinical work, and 10% didactics. In the last four months of training, time is spent as follows: 60% obesity clinical-research, and 40% out-of-track clinical experience.

This research- focused rotation takes place primarily at The Miriam Hospital’s Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center. The aims of the research within the Center are to expand knowledge of the causes and consequences of obesity, develop innovative and effective treatments for weight loss and weight maintenance, and offer quality obesity treatment to the community through ongoing clinical trials. The clinical psychology resident will participate in ongoing studies related to these areas, the development of grants and manuscripts and the facilitation of clinical research weight management groups.

Clinical psychology residents on this rotation will also receive clinical training in behavioral medicine through assessment, treatment and consultation activities. The clinical activities on this rotation are designed to provide training that can complement the resident’s research in obesity while also enhancing the clinical psychology resident’s exposure to broad based behavioral medicine training. Clinical experiences typically include training in integrated primary care and inpatient consultation-liaison settings, and/or specialized behavioral medicine settings (e.g., behavioral sleep medicine, smoking cessation, cardiac rehabilitation).