Research Placement Faculty - Child Track

Child Track Faculty offering Research Placements

Clinical Child Psychology:

Jennifer Freeman & Kristen Benito - Pediatric Anxiety Research Clinic (PARC): Assessment and treatment of childhood and adolescent obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorders; dissemination and implementation of exposure treatment for anxiety. 

Christopher Houck & David Barker: Adolescent sexual risk behavior; adolescent partner violence, emotion regulation, behavioral prevention interventions.

Anastacia Kudinova: bio-behavioral mechanisms of youth suicide risk with opportunities for exposure to neuroimaging methods; self-referential cognitive-affective processes (e.g., self-criticism, self-compassion) and youth suicide risk; ecological momentary assessment methodology.

Jacqueline Nesi: The role of social media in adolescents' peer relationships and mental health, with a focus on depression and suicidal thoughts and behavior.

Nicole Nugent: Adolescent social context (in person and social media use) following trauma or following discharge from inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for suicidal thoughts/behaviors; gene-environment interplay.

Stephanie Parade:  Early childhood development in the context of family and social risk; study of community dissemination of evidence-based preventive interventions for young children and families.

Justin Parent: Exploring mechanisms through which families influence child adaptive and maladaptive development with the goal of optimizing intervention and prevention outcomes. Current research involves understanding how enhancing family well-being alters stress-related physiological systems (e.g., epigenetics) among at-risk youth. 

Guilia Righi: Research on autism spectrum disorders, with opportunities for work on risk for autism in infancy, psychophysiologic approaches, comorbidities and severe behavioral presentations, and genetics of autism.  

Anthony Spirito & Jennifer Wolff, - Adolescent Mental Health Collaborative (AMHC):  Assessment and treatment of depression, behavior problems, and suicidality in youth. Current research involves: 1) identifying risk and resiliency factors, 2) translating these findings into treatments, and 3) implementing these treatments in real-world settings (community clinics, juvenile justice, inpatient, and primary care).

Elizabeth Thompson: Psychosis-spectrum disorders in adolescence, with a focus on screening and assessment across settings, intervention development, and co-occurring suicidality.

Pediatric Psychology:

David Barker: Social support and treatment adherence; evidence synthesis using individual participant data.

Christopher Houck: Emotion regulation; adolescent sexual risk behaviors; prevention interventions; adolescent partner violence.

Barbara Jandasek: Treatment development for parents of children with Congenital Heart Disease, Evaluation of Heart Camp, Evaluation of Behavioral Health Services in the Pediatric Heart Center

Elissa Jelalian: Adolescent weight control; community-based interventions; and weight gain prevention. 

Daphne Koinis-Mitchell: Risk and resilience in urban children with chronic illness; pediatric health disparities in asthma and sleep; asthma and immune function.

Elizabeth McQuaid: Pediatric food allergies: App development for game-based disease management training; Medication adherence in adolescents with asthma across the high school transition; Cultural factors in asthma management in teens.

Nicole Nugent: Adolescent social context (in person and social media use) following trauma or following discharge from inpatient psychiatric hospitalization for suicidal thoughts/behaviors; gene-environment interplay.

Nick Tarantino: HIV-focused interventions for young people in the US and sub-Saharan Africa; mHealth interventions; adolescent risk behavior

Jennifer Wolff: Assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems; suicide prevention; dissemination and implementation of empirically-based treatments for at-risk youth in various settings. 

Juvenile Justice/Behavioral Health:

Larry Brown: HIV/STD risk reduction; adolescent sexual risk; using technology for prevention and health promotion; clinical mental health interventions for those living with HIV. 

Charlene Collibee: Dating violence etiology and prevention among juvenile justice and child welfare youth; romantic relationship development; adolescent close relationships and mental health.

Sarah Helseth: substance use prevention and treatment in the juvenile justice system; intervention development; digital health; dissemination and implementation of evidence-based treatments in juvenile justice settings

Christopher Houck: Emotion regulation; adolescent health behaviors; prevention interventions. 

Kathleen Kemp & Anthony Spirito: Mental health screening and treatment in the juvenile justice system; suicide prevention with juvenile justice-involved youth; substance use interventions; dissemination and implementation of evidenced-based treatment in juvenile justice settings. 

Robert Miranda: Pharmacotherapy and psychosocial intervention development research for adolescents with alcohol, cannabis, and other substance use disorders; ecological momentary assessment methods; psychophysiological and other laboratory-based methods.

Christie Rizzo: Dating violence prevention; sexual risk taking behavior; mental health interventions with juvenile justice and child welfare populations.