Interview Information

If you find yourself lost on interview day, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Griffin on the cell phone number that was provided!


Internship Interview Overview Locations

Adult Track Interview Overview

Duncan Building, Rm. 159
345 Blackstone Blvd. 
Providence, RI  02906 
(Main Hospital #401-455-6200)
Butler Campus Map

For those reporting to Duncan Building, Rm. 159: 

  • Park in Ray Conference Center Lot B and follow walkway towards Ray Conference Center
  • Take Left before stairs and follow path to second building on right (Duncan Building)
  • Enter Duncan Building, Conference Room is on the right

Child  Track Interview Overview

Child applicants:

1011 Veterans Memorial Parkway 
East Providence, RI  02915
(Main Hospital #401-432-1000)
Bradley Hospital Campus Map

Pediatric and Juvenile Justice applicants:

Child & Family Psychiatry
One Hoppin Street  Providence, RI  02903
(2nd Floor Reception #401-444-8945)
CORO West Campus Map

CORO Parking
As you enter the Coro garage, you will receive a ticket. Please bring that ticket with you to your appointment. The office you are visiting will also give you a voucher that will entitle you to either free parking or a reduced parking fee. At the garage exit, insert your original ticket into the machine, followed by the voucher. If your voucher is for free parking, the gate will lift. If your visit requires a parking fee, you will only be able to pay with a debit or credit card. No cash is accepted at the exit. Please note, there is no pay-on-foot kiosk available for Coro parking. Please call the office you're visiting for more information.

Directions to Suite 204 from the Parking Garage: In the garage, proceed to the 3rd floor and walk over the bridge to the main building.  Follow the corridor to the security desk at the end of the hall.  Take elevators on left (or stairs) on right to the 2nd floor.  Exit the elevator to the right and follow the corridor to the left, following the blue Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center Suite 204 signs.  Once inside the suite, the waiting room is on the right.  Please check in at the main desk.

Directions to Suite 204 from the Main Entrance of Coro WEST: Enter the double glass doors in the front of Coro West on Hoppin Street.  Only follow the small blue signs to Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center, Suite 204.  large sign at the front of the building lists the wrong location).   We are located in the back of end of Coro West.  Once you enter Suite 204, there is a waiting room on the right (2nd door).  Please check in at the front desk and they will notify me that you have arrived.

Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine Track Interview Overview

146 West River Street
Providence, RI
Beh. Med. West River Campus Map

Free parking is available in the parking lot outside of the entrance.  Enter at Suite 11A on south side of the building (note that West River Cafe is on the north side of the building).

Neuropsychology Track Interview Overview

Memory Clinic, Weld Building
345 Blackstone Blvd. 
Providence, RI  02906
(Main Hospital #401-455-6200)
Butler Campus Map