Internship Rotations

All clinical psychology residents have potential access to eight Consortium training sites. Each site has at least two appropriately trained and experienced psychologists who have input into the governance and policies of the training program. Most training is on an individual basis. Supervision is available in a variety of therapeutic modalities and within a variety of theoretical orientation.

All rotation assignments are determined on the basis of the clinical psychology resident's stated interests and training needs. 

  • Adult and Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine track clinical psychology residents complete 2 four-month rotations within the area of specialization. The third rotation for the year is determined by the Training Committee, with input from the clinical psychology resident and their advisor, and is in an area either within or outside of that individual’s chosen track. 
  • Child and Neuropsychology track clinical psychology residents complete 3 four-month rotations, staying within track during third rotation.  

[Note: VA-paid clinical psychology residents can expect to spend the majority of their internship year in a VA rotation.]

Clinical-Research Rotations

Training of clinical-research focused residents meets all of the goals and objectives of the internship while providing more concentrated clinical-research training in a particular specialty area. The clinical-research training entails both direct patient care in clinical settings as well as in the context of research protocols. In the Adult Track there is training available in Outpatient Psychiatry-MIDAS Project and in the Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine Track there is training in Obesity Clinical-Research.  Please be aware that not every clinical-research slot is offered each year.