Suicide Research T32

NIH/Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Suicide Research

Based out of the Alpert Medical School of Brown University Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior’s Consortium for Research Innovation in Suicide Prevention (CRISP), the T32 in Suicide Research is an intensive training program designed to prepare the next generation of PhD and MD researchers to conduct cutting-edge translational and prevention research on suicidal ideation and behaviors. Fellows in this program will receive rigorous foundational training in research design and statistics, ethics and responsible conduct of research, scientific rigor and reproducibility, and grant writing, alongside focused training in suicide research organized by the four key questions prioritized by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention: 1) Why do people become suicidal? (Basic Research); 2) How can we better or optimally detect/predict risk? (Prediction Research), 3) What interventions are effective? (Interventions Research), and 4) What services are most effective for treating the suicidal person and preventing suicidal behavior? (Implementation Research). The T32 in Suicide Research is grounded in an apprenticeship model, with formative hands-on training in areas of suicide research most relevant to fellow interests, combined with formal didactics and other professional development opportunities.

Participating program faculty’s expertise provides opportunities for mentorship and training in suicide research across a broad range of age and patient populations, covering basic experimental and predictive methods, intervention development and clinical trials, and implementation science. Affiliated faculty offer expertise in areas that are highly complementary to important questions in suicide research, including sleep, genetics, neurostimulation, biomedical informatics, emergency and pediatric medicine, geriatrics, and advanced statistical methodologies. Based on the fellow’s interests and overlap with faculty expertise, each fellow will be assigned to a senior suicide researcher as a primary mentor in addition to a co-mentor as a complement to the training experience. Learn more about the research and clinical interests of the faculty mentors and affiliated faculty, listed below: 

Program Directors

Ivan Miller, PhD
Lauren Weinstock, PhD

Program Faculty

Michael Armey, PhD
Jennifer Barredo, PhD
Yovanska Duarte-Valez, PhD
Brandon Gaudiano, PhD
Kathleen Kemp, PhD
Nicole Nugent, PhD
Noah Philip, MD
Jennifer Primack, PhD
Megan Ranney, MD, MPH
Heather Schatten, PhD
Anthony Spirito, PhD
Lisa Uebelacker, PhD
Jennifer Wolff, PhD

Faculty Affiliates

Cynthia Battle, PhD
Leslie Brick, PhD
Stephen Buka, ScD
Linda Carpenter, MD
Mary Carskadon, PhD
Elizabeth Chen, PhD
Rani Elwy, PhD
Gary Epstein-Lubow, MD
Benjamin Greenberg, MD, PhD
Jeffrey Hunt, MD
John McGeary, PhD
Katie Sharkey, MD, PhD
Mark Zimmerman, MD