Certified Electronic Diploma

Brown is offering graduates the opportunity to purchase a Certified Electronic (Ce) Diploma. This is available to graduates of the Class of 2016 or later. The Ce diploma is a Digitally Signed and encrypted electronic version of your Brown diploma. It provides a method to make your actual credential portable electronically, and provides for independent, English-language validation by future employers and other entities wishing to confirm your credentials.

For further information and to reserve your copy please visit the Registrar's website

For $7.95 you can obtain a copy of your Ce Diploma that you can download and store on multiple devices, to share with friends, family, future professional colleagues. The Ce Diploma is offered through our third-party vendor, Paradigm. Brown earns no revenue through the Ce Diploma; rather, it is an optional service we are making available to you.

You can reserve your Ce Diploma today. You will be notified by email when it is made available, shortly after Commencement.