List of Participants

Last Name First Name University Email
Anber Mohamed U Toronto [email protected]
Balitsky Ian Jefferson Lab [email protected]
Banerjee Debasish Albert Einstein U, Bern [email protected]
Bender Carl  Washington U [email protected]
Bilandzic Ante Niels Bohr Institute [email protected]
Britto Ruth CEA, Saclay [email protected]
Broniowski Wojciech Jan Kochanowski U [email protected]
Das Sumit Univ. Kentucky [email protected]
de Forcrand Philippe ETH-CERN [email protected]
de Teramond Guy U Costa Rica [email protected]
Detmold William MIT [email protected]
Djuric Marko U Porto [email protected]
Dudal David Ghent U [email protected]
Dumitru Adrian Baruch College [email protected]
El Showk Sheer CEA, Saclay [email protected]
Epelbaum Thomas Saclay [email protected]
Evans Nick U Southhampton [email protected]
Filip Peter Aslovak Acad. Science [email protected]
Frasca Marco MBDA, Rome [email protected]
Fried Herbert Brown U [email protected]
Grandou Thierry INLN, UMR-CNRS [email protected]
Hansen Hubert Inst. Phys. Nuc. Lyon [email protected]
Hautmann Francesco Oxford/Sussex [email protected]
Jia Jiangyong  Stony Brook U [email protected]
Johansson Henrik CERN [email protected]
Korchemsky Gregory CEA, Saclay [email protected]

Marquet Cyrille Ecole Polytechnique [email protected]
Mehtar-Tani Yacine Saclay [email protected]
Mukhopadhyay Ayan Ecole Polytechnique [email protected]
Nesterenko Alexander Bogoliubov Lab [email protected]
Nitti Francesco Univ. Paris VII [email protected]
Ollitrault Jean-Yves Saclay [email protected]
Orginos Kostas William and Mary [email protected]
Patrick Peter CNRS [email protected]
Paulos Miguel Brown U [email protected]
Petreczky Peter Brookhaven Nat'l Lab [email protected]
Plumari Salvatore U Catania [email protected]
Poppitz Erich U Toronto [email protected]
Royon Christophe Saclay [email protected]
Ruggieri Marco U Catania [email protected]
Spradlin Marcus Brown U [email protected]
Stanev Todor U Delaware [email protected]
Tapia.Takaki Daniel IPN Orsay [email protected]
Tan Chung-I Brown U [email protected]
Tarrio Javier U Barcelona [email protected]
Travaglini Gabriele Queen Mary U [email protected]
Tsang Peter Brown U [email protected]
Vanhove Pierre CEA, Saclay [email protected]
Vennin Vincent IAP, Paris [email protected]
Volovich Anastasia Brown U [email protected]
Wosiek Jacek Jagellonion U [email protected]