NCFS 2016: October 27-29, 2016

Pre-Banquet Reception

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a pre-banquet reception on Saturday, October 29 from 6:30pm-7:30pm in L'Apogee, on the 17th floor. All conference participants are welcome to attend.

(Distributed October 28, 2016)

Digital Guidebook

For our more technologically-inclined participants, a digital version of the conference program is available through the Guidebook app. You may download the guide here. The guidebook lists the times of each session and major conference event, as well as the titles of the panels in each session.

(Distributed October 26, 2016)

Travel Considerations

The NCFS conference is fast approaching. A few notes here as you begin to pack your bags.

(Distributed October 24, 2016)

Program Update

An updated version of the program, which includes room assignments, has been posted to the Program page here.

(Distributed September 4, 2016)

RISD Museum and Impressionism Exhibition

The RISD Museum will be holding an exhibition of Impressionist works coinciding with the 2016 NCFS colloquium. We are delighted to announce that all registered NCFS attendees will be granted free admission to the museum and exhibition (please present your conference badge at the visitor services desk for entry).

(Distributed August 22, 2016)
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