Sailing School: Integrative approaches in structural biology

Sailing School: Integrative approaches in structural biology

April 29, Friday 12:00-4:00pm (immediately preceding conference opening session)

A partial day workshop focusing on the integration of disparate macromolecular structure and dynamics techniques to answer big questions in structural biology. Designed for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and undergraduates as a companion to Sailing the Protein Seas in the Ocean State: Protein Structure, Dynamics and Function symposium. 
Registration cost: included with Sailing Protein Seas in the Ocean State (no additional charges)
Registration details: Spaces are limited and must be reserved in advance. Email organizer Assistant Professor Nicolas Fawzi [email protected] by 4/15/2016 with your Sailing the Protein Seas in the Ocean State registration confirmation to reserve a spot.

Includes: coffee break with light snacks

Lecturers will include: 
Assistant Professor Nicolas Fawzi, Brown University

Assistant Professor Vincenzo Venditti, Iowa State University

Program Highlights:

  • This course will use examples from recent structural biology literature to highlight approaches for solving complex biological questions. Students will be explore: What are the strengths and weakness of available techniques and how can you bridge those gaps? What are the relevant constraints for sample conditions and preparation? What are the raw data and what the options for processing and integration with other techniques? 
  • Methods include: NMR, simulation/computation, x-ray, SAXS, cryo-EM, biophysical (AUC, chromatography, light scattering) and biochemical techniques. 
  • Example biological and biophysical problems to be explored: large and high order complexes, dynamics and minor states probed by structural techniques, and intrinsically disordered protein interactions/assembly.
  • Student will have a chance to expand their network through peer interaction.