Wood tick
Wood tick, a common vector for zoonotic diseases. 
Image: Mike Savaria

About Us

Emerging infectious diseases are a growing threat and present major challenges to communities worldwide. The Emerging Infectious Disease Scholars (EIDS) program of Brown University recognizes the specialized research and educational needs that are essential to nurture future healthcare providers so they are well equipped to prevent and manage epidemics.

The EIDS program is designed to inspire, train, support, and retain students as a community of scholars to become leaders in research and treatment of emerging infectious diseases.

Emerging Infectious Disease Scholars participate in a clinical research project guided by a primary mentor. Scholars participate in journal clubs and research seminars with faculty guidance and peer support, as they develop, implement, and publish their research projects. The EIDS program invites guest speakers, offers field trips, and facilitates networking events to build outreach opportunities for scholars. Research is enhanced through coursework within the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and the Primary Care-Population Medicine (PC-PM) curriculum. Eligible EID scholars within the PC-PM program will receive a Masters in Medical Science. Scholars are encouraged to publish their work in academic journals and present at national infectious disease conferences. Topics studied by current EID scholars include tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis C, Ebola, pediatric infectious diseases, and other infectious diseases in underserved communities, both locally and globally.

The EIDS program is grant funded through the National Institutes of Health: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (R25AI140490).


For more information about the Emerging Infectious Disease Scholars program or if thinking about applying, please email [email protected]. To apply, all interested students must submit a completed application, letter of support, along with proper CITI certification and IRB documentation, to be reviewed for considerations by the EIDS Executive Committee.

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