Additional Features

Add Event Link

You have the option of providing an alternate link to another website to display your event information instead of adding your event details in [email protected]. If you choose to provide an alternate link, click “link to another site for event information” to the right of “Add event details.” Enter the URL for your event information in the “URL for event” field. When the user clicks on the entry for your event, it will open a new window and take the user directly to this URL.


Related Content

  1. To add a link to an existing event on click on “another event.” When you start typing the name of the event on the “Search content” field a list of events appears below the field. Choose the event you want to link to from the list.

  2. To add a file(s) to your event, click on “file” and choose from the list and/or click “Upload file” and upload a new file. Click “Add this file” to include the file(s) with your event.

  3. To add an link to a web page, click “web address” and enter a title and the URL. Click “Add” to add to your event.


Call To Action Button

Adding a Call to Action Button provides an opportunity to ...

  1. To add a Call to Action Button, simply enter the complete URL for the destination page (including http:// ) into the URL field.
  2. If desired, you can customize the text appearing on the button by entering it into the "Link Test" field.
  3. If a URL is added and the "Link Text" field is left empty, the button will display the default text "Learn More".


Event Cost

You can add a cost to your event (this is an optional field). From the dropdown menu under “Select an option” you can choose between “Free,” “Event Cost,” “Suggested Donation” and “Other” from the dropdown menu under “Select an option.” If you choose “Event Cost” or “Suggested Donation” enter the dollar amount in the “$” field.