Creating Events

If you have a calendar that displays events on your website, you should log in to [email protected] and create events directly on your calendar.

Before creating a new event, check to see if it has already been submitted by someone else.

  1. To create a new event click the yellow "+ New" button in the admin menu at the top of the page. 
    add new.png

  2. Enter the title for your event in the "Enter a title for this event" field. Make your titles descriptive: Rather than "Lecture," use "Music Lecture Series: 'Uses of the Neapolitan Chord.'" (This is a required field.)

  3. Enter the date for your event by clicking the "Event date" field and select a date from the pop-up calendar (This is a required field). Enter the time by clicking the "& time" field and selecting a time from the dropdown menu.

    1. For all-day events click the checkbox for “All Day.”

    2. For repeating events click the checkbox for “Repeating event” and select from the “How often?” dropdown menu.

  4. Select an “Event Type” from the categories to help classify your event and make it easier for visitors to find when browsing [email protected].

    1. Use the checkbox next to each field to select the most appropriate type(s). You can select multiple types.

  5. Select tags by clicking on “Show all tags” and click the appropriate tags from the list, then click “Use selected tags.” The tags are the same as “Your Interests” on [email protected] to create continuity between [email protected] and [email protected].

  6. Enter the department, office or organization sponsoring the event in the "Event Sponsor" field.

  7. Enter a location for your event by selecting from a list of campus buildings by beginning to type the name of the building; the correct name of the building will auto-complete. If your building or location is not in the list, type the location in the “Event Location” field.

    1. Enter the room name or number where your event is occurring in the “Room” field.

  8. Add a detailed description of your event in the text editor in the “Add event details” section. (This is a required field.)

  9. Enter name(s), email address(es) and/or phone number(s) in the text edit under “Contact information.”

  10. When you finish entering your event information, save and publish your event to [email protected] by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

More event features: