Sharing Events

Sharing events across calendars is one of the fundamental features of [email protected]. By sharing your events with other calendars, your event listing will reach more people.

The best way to share your event is to suggest the event directly to other relevant calendars.

Suggest an event

To suggest an event to another calendar, begin typing the name of the relevant calendar into this field near the bottom of the “Add an event” form. The calendar should auto-complete as an option; if it does not, select “Show all groups” and select the calendars you’d like to suggest your event to.

Events you suggest to other calendars will not automatically appear on those calendars. Each unit is responsible for curating its own events calendar, and the editor of a calendar must accept a suggested event before it will appear on that calendar. 


Accepting suggested events from other calendars

When you login to [email protected] and visit your events page, a notification appears when another calendar has suggested an event to you.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 1.40.27 PM.png

Accept the event by clicking the "Accept as live" button or click the "x" to reject the event. The "Copy" button will place a copy of the event in your calendar that can be edited. Using "Accept as live" is considered a best practice since it will automatically update the shared event with any changes made by the original event creator.


Suggesting events to Featured Events

To suggest your event to the curated "Feature Events" list, follow the steps above to suggest your event and select the "Featured Events" calendar. If the event is accepted, it will appear in the Featured Events calendar.