Facilities Management, working in collaboration with the Departments of Public Safety (DPS), residential life, and purchasing has developed the following plan for removal and disposal of bicycles left on campus in violation of policy (violations are described as, but are not limited to those bicycles being secured to trees, light poles, internal and external railings, entrances and egress areas):

  • When a bicycle is identified as being in violation, DPS will be notified at 863-3322 or via email at campus[email protected].
  • If the bicycle is registered with DPS within 48 hours, DPS will tag the bicycle with a yellow violation tag and make every attempt to contact the owner to have the bicycle removed. If the bicycle is not registered, DPS will arrange for removal.
  • A photograph of the bicycle will be taken by DPS before cutting the lock. This photograph will accompany any notes regarding the violation as well as the condition and location of the bicycle prior to its removal. DPS will inventory the bicycle, document the violation with an IMC offense number, and attach the photo to the report.
  • DPS will contact the Service Response Center to have facilities management personnel respond and cut the lock off the bicycle. In the event the Service Response desk is not staffed, and in extreme cases, the on-duty DPS supervisor will make the determination whether to have a Facilities Management person called in, or to have the bicycle removed the next business day after 7:30 a.m. A DPS official will be present when the lock is cut.
  • Neither DPS, Facilities Management, Residential Life, nor Purchasing will be responsible for bicycle parts or personal property left on the bicycle (e.g. seats, locks, tire pumps, GPS/odometers, storage containers, helmets, tools).
  • After the lock has been cut, facilities management staff will transport the bicycle to 10 Park Lane where it will be stored and secured.
  • Prior to disposal, bicycle owners will have the opportunity to reclaim their bike by contacting DPS at x31438. DPS will then authorize facilities management to retrieve and release the bicycle. There will be a reclamation fee of $50 charged by facilities for this service; payment must be made to facilities by check (payable to Brown University) before the bicycle can be retrieved from 295 Lloyd.
  • Bicycles not claimed after 90 days will be declared as surplus by the University's purchasing office who will then donate it to an appropriate charitable organization.

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