Why do our toilets now have lids?

Research shows that in addition to recommended precautionary actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus - social distancing, and rigorous hand washing — Scientists have shown that by closing the lid before we flush, we prevent a phenomenon where aerosol droplets forced upward by a flush appear to spread wide enough and linger long enough to be inhaled. This is known as the “toilet plume.” Since coronavirus has been found in the feces of patients, Brown University believes it is prudent to provide protection by installing toilet seat covers.

Why do I have to touch the toilet lid to close it?

There is no widely available cost-effective technology to automatically open and close toilet seats. Please use care to avoid direct contact when opening and closing the lid by using a piece of toilet tissue to open and close the toilet lid, then discarding the tissue in the toilet bowl before flushing.

My toilet does not flush properly. What should I do?

As a reminder only toilet tissue should be flushed down a toilet. Toilets are not designed to handle paper towels or personal hygiene products. Please contact Facilities Management Service Response by visiting the FM website to submit a Service Request or by calling 401-863-7800.


Revision Date: November 20, 2020