Service Request - A request for service that is received and processed by our service response center, relevant information gathered, converted to a work order, and then routed to the appropriate trade shop supervisor.

Work Order - A service request that has been processed and converted to a work order for assignment to an employee by a trade shop supervisor.

Status Codes

Work Order Status Active Definition
OPEN Y Work Order is active and pending assignment after review by a divisional supervisor.
EVALUATE Y Work Order is being evaluated for scope, required materials, coordination efforts, and estimated time to compete.
ASSIGNED Y Work Order has been assigned to a specific employee. Typically, these are WO's with priority codes 1-4.
PLANNED Y Work planned to be completed by a defined week ending date.
REVIEW Y Work Order requires further review to address some type of issue (Scope change, Insurance, Code related, multi-divisional,etc).
MATERIALS Y Materials/Parts/Supplies are on order.
COMPLETE Y Employee has reported to their supervisor that the work has been completed.
CLOSED N Supervisor has reviewed the Work Order for completeness and no further action is required.
CANCELED N Work Order canceled; Work will not be performed (Requires customer notification with explanation). Customer may have requested the WO be CANCELED or the work may be a duplicate request.
CONV PROJ N Work sent to PD&C for completion.
DEFERRED N Work deferred. Will not be performed at this time. Deferred WO's will be bundled together and assessed for possible project work.

Event Project Status Codes

Project Status Active Description
REQUESTED Y Project has been requested and is under review.
ASSIGNED Y Project has been assigned a Project Manager (PM). PM will add phases for trade support as required.
APPROVED Y Project has been approved and is active.
CLOSE_OUT Y Project is complete and awaiting all close out items to be completed before closing (final equipment rental, vendor invoice, and misc costs).
CLOSED N Project is closed and no longer active. (All billable charges may be released.)
CANCELED N Project is canceled. (Requires customer notification with an explanation.)