Automatic email notifications to requestors will occur as follows:

  • Upon submission of a service request online, using Facilities Self Service (FSS), or directly with our Service Response Center, an automated email will be generated and sent to the requestor acknowledging receipt of the service request.
  • Valid service requests will be converted to work orders for review by a Supervisor. Supervisors will then route the work order accordingly based on the task description provided by the requestor. Emails will automatically be generated informing the requestor of the work order number and status. The following status codes will trigger an email to the customer: EVALUATE, REVIEW, MATERIALS, ASSIGNED, and PLANNED. In addition, ASSIGNED and PLANNED status codes will include the projected DUE DATE for the work to be completed. The status DEFERRED will require a custom email be sent to the requestor by the supervisor.
  • After a work order has been completed and reviewed by a supervisor an automated email will be generated and sent to the requestor informing them that the work order has been closed. The automated email will include a direct link to the work order in FSS, including closing notes.

Note: In addition to the automated email notifications to requestors outlined above, individual email notifications will be sent to requestors in cases where the normal life cycle of the service request or work order process is impacted, such as in the case of a duplicate service request or a due date change to the work order.

Click here for status code definitions.