Most facilities projects are initiated through Senior Administration; however any University entity can suggest a project. Individual departments can initiate small department-funded projects by contacting the Planning, Design & Construction office directly. These requests are reviewed by Senior Administration and, if approved, authorized to proceed. Facilities repair and renewal projects are initiated by the Facilities Management Department directly.

Requests are evaluated based on their importance in supporting the Academic Enrichment Initiatives, space requirements, staffing requirements, potential impact on other programs, and funding sources. If the administration believes a project merits further investigation, the Planning, Design & Construction the office will begin a planning study which will specifically identify the project objectives, scope, budget, and schedule requirements. For more detailed description of the categorization, planning, estimating, and approval process for projects of all types, refer to Project Delivery Process Guideline.

Although every project is unique, the University Advising Architect together with the Planning, Design & Construction office categorizes projects into one of four tracks based on the impact the project will have and the level of investment it represents. Project Timelines