The Planning, Design & Construction Office (PD&C) is responsible for facilitating the initiation, planning process, approvals, consultant selection, design review, and construction delivery of all new construction, renovations, infrastructure/energy upgrades, and major building maintenance initiatives on campus.

The PD&C staff numbers 26 with professional experience drawing from backgrounds in planning, architecture, interior design, engineering, construction, and owner's representation. Distinct areas of expertise within PD&C include project planning and project management.

Planners define the primary objectives of the project, identify the specific needs of the client department, and develop potential solutions. When an approved project is of significant size or complexity, assistance is provided in selecting an architect or engineering firm to develop the specific design. Estimates are created and detailed project budgets set. Project managers and construction managers oversee the construction delivery, assuring that plans and specifications meet University standards and work is completed on schedule and in line with the budget.